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Shopping We Love: Reviews of Fabletics and Adore Me

Aside from reality TV, shopping is one of my passions. While I love everyday clothes, there are two types of clothing that I love to shop for - underwear and workout clothes. Why? One is worn close to your body and makes you look your best (that would be underwear - including bras, specifically) and one makes you feel good while you do what's right for your body - work out.

There are tons of monthly subscription services out there, and Fabletics and Adore Me are two of my favorites.


Hello, workout gear! If you want a crazy range of sports bras, tops, hair accessories, yoga mats, gym bags, and whatever else you might possibly need, Fabletics is the place to go. This monthly subscription service gives you monthly deals on complete outfits. So, if you're not good at picking out pieces to go together, no problem - Fabletics does it for you.

My favorite part of Fabletics is the point system. (Oh, and the fact that your first outfit is half price - amazing deal!) Anyway, the point system gives you a point per dollar you spend, points for writing reviews, and I think points for some other stuff. When you earn 1,000 points, you get a free outfit. It is true and it works - I just cashed in my points and got something new and awesome. And, I earned points for reviewing the free items.

I love that this site encourages writing reviews, because they publish them all - both good and bad. So our opinions are heard, and the site can adapt based on what we've said.

The best part of Fabletics is how innovative it is. The clothing is so unique. I get tons of compliments on the things I've bought, and these are not your everyday workout clothes. From bras that match the cuts of the tank tops and choices like pants with hombre faded colors (LOVE!), this site is great. Plus, there are extra deals when you check out - you can get $10 tank tops along with your chosen outfits.

A major bonus is the great customer service at Fabletics. When I had a pricing issue, customer service fixed it right away and I was good to go. Oh, and another bonus - when you pick outfits, there are many colors for each item, and you can mix and match your color choices to get exactly what you want. Seriously, this site is the place to go for yoga, running, aerobics wear - whatever you do. This site is great.

Adore Me:

First and foremost, Adore Me is a one stop shop for everything undergarment, swim, and workout related. You can buy all of the following from this one site, using their monthly discount subscription service:
- Bras
- Underwear
- Swimwear
- Corsets
- Sleepwear
- Activewear

They've got a crazy range of sizes from the very small to plus size, which means they have something for everyone. They have a wide range of styles to flatter every body type, and you can often choose the style of panty you want with each bra (as some people are exclusively hipster types while others prefer thongs).

There are a few key things about Adore Me that I love:
- Sales! Don't want to pay the full (but totally reasonable) price for a set? No problem. Hit up the sale section for BOGO deals.
- Extras. It seems like every time I order, there's a code to enter for a free panty or tote. Love this!
- Free stuff. I believe for every six full price orders you make, you get a free set (bra & panty, bathing suit, etc).

I recently wore a bathing suit from this site, and it was perfect. It kept everything where it should be and I was very happy. And the racerback bras are absolutely perfect for summer tank tops. (Bras should be kept hidden unless you want them to be shown off - we don't want to see regular bra straps coming out of racerback tanks!)

So, this is why I love Fabletics and Adore Me. They're both great and high quality. The best part is, you can be a VIP member of both to get the great deals, but skip any month you want. There's no obligation to purchase, so if you want to skip a month and resume the next one, you definitely can.

Looking for more shopping deals? Look to the right of this page and browse the "LTR Recommends" section. It links to all kinds of great shopping / sale sites.

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