Sunday, September 21, 2014

Random Reality Updates - Week Ending 9/21/14

As we do every so often, we at Less Than Reality are giving you some updates from the week.

First and foremost, Fashion Police will continue its run, even though star Joan Rivers has passed. The consensus seems to be that Joan would want it that way, and I agree. One of my initial reactions was that this was a decision based on money (as the show will continue to make money for the E! network), but because this decision was made with consent from Melissa Rivers, I believe that the show truly will continue to honor Joan's legacy.

Whether you loved her or hated her, Joan Rivers truly made an impact on us and the entertainment industry. We hope her family finds peace during this difficult time, and Fashion Police truly does live up to Joan's expectations.

Second, rumors about models at New York Fashion Week putting out cigarettes in Kendall Jenner's drink are circulating the web. They think she didn't earn her spot like they did, and it was handed to her on a silver platter. Well, yeah, they aren't wrong. The thing is, that's not really Kendall's fault. I'm sure if any of the other models had the opportunity, they'd skyrocket right to the top too. That being said, rumors of Kendall's diva behavior are also rampant, so it may not just be her fame causing trouble, but her actions as well.

Mama June and Sugar Bear from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo are no longer, thanks to allegations of Sugar Bear's cheating. Is this truth or a plot to keep their reality show relevant? We are not convinced. However, we do hope all parties involved are able to move forward for the sake of Alana and her siblings.

Rumors swirled that Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice are expecting a baby, but their camp is saying that is 100% false. Can you imagine Teresa being pregnant and facing jail time or house arrest? Not great. I'm sure more truth - and more information that is less than truth - will come out before we learn the outcome of their case.

That's it for the important news, at least from the Less Than Reality camp. More to come as news arises!

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