Wednesday, September 10, 2014

VH1 Couples Therapy Season 5 Premiere: 9/10/14

This episode of Couples Therapy was basically an introduction to the stars of the season, which Dr. Jenn says will be very volatile.

The first to arrive were Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell. If you don't know who they are, think about the last season of The Bachelor, where Juan Pablo (JP), the most hated bachelor ever, didn't propose or say he loved Nikki, even after she poured her heart out. And then he made an insensitive comment about why we shouldn't have a season of the bachelor featuring gay couples. Not great. Nikki, from her opening statements, insists that Juan Pablo loves her, even though he won't say it. Eeeeek.

Next up was Deena Cortese of Jersey Shore fame, along with her boyfriend Chris Buckner. The pair's next goal is to move in together. A major point of contention is that Deena wants to be a young mom, but Chris doesn't want to be a young dad. Deena, per Chris, needs to be more open to compromise. Chris has trouble dealing with the fact that Deena has a lot more money than he does. Note that Chris is 25 and Deena is 27.

Treach Criss from Naughty By Nature and his girlfriend Cicely Evans arrived next. Originally, they'd met when Treach said he'd help her reach her acting dream, but instead he got her pregnant. They've been dating for seven years. Cicely says that Treach has not been faithful, although Treach maintains that he's only had flings when the pair are broken up. When she brought up her concerns, Treach told Cicely to get over it. Treach seems to have trouble admitting his problems. Great.

"Evel Dick" Donato and Stephanie Fisher joined the house. Evel gained his fame on the eighth season of Big Brother. Dick is known for being an a** he openly admits. He and Stephanie broke up 10 months ago but came to Couples Therapy to try to rekindle their relationship. Stephanie said the things she originally liked about Dick became annoying, and Dick doesn't want to change.

Stephanie arrived after Dick, and while Dick had said he misses Stephanie a lot, Stephanie seemed a little hesitant to see him. Things only got worse when Stephanie said she may want kids and Dick made it clear he does not want any more kids. Because Stephanie had recently changed her stance from not wanting kids, this took Dick by surprise.

Side note: Dick told Juan Pablo that he'd beat him out as the biggest villain on reality TV...and Juan seemed a little too proud of that.

The couples met Dr. Jenn Berman and Dr. Mike Dow for an introduction. The next day, Juan Pablo and Nikki had the first private session with Dr. Jenn. It became clear that Juan Pablo focuses on the immediate future, not the long term, which concerns Nikki. She feels that he's too nonchalant about everything. Dr. Jenn assessed that the couple has power struggles.

Treach and Cicely argued about Treach's cheating and some other stuff...I think we'll hear a lot of this throughout the season.

Jenna Jameson and John Wood will join the house in a future episode, but they have yet to arrive. If you aren't aware, Jenna's a porn star.

Looking forward to a crazy season!

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