Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: A to Z - I Heart Radio Premiere of the New NBC Show

A to Z is a show that will be premiering on NBC. I Heart Radio let us take a sneak peak at the comedy before it hits the airwaves.

A to Z is a show in which Andrew (Ben Feldman) meets Zelda (Cristin Milioti), hence the A to Z. Andrew is a hopeless romantic and Zelda is a realistic lawyer. The premise of the show, that we learn right up front, is that the pair date for a set amount of time (8 months and change, which the show will document).

When Andrew and Zelda meet, the viewers learn that the pair have crossed paths in the past. Andrew also thinks he saw Zelda wearing a silver dress in the past and was convinced they were soulmates. Zelda says she never wore a silver dress. Andrew enlisted his friend to help prove that Zelda was, in fact, the girl in the dress. It turns out she wasn't, but Zelda's best friend Steph was dating Andrew's best friend Stu, who was lying to her and saying he was a famous jazz musician. It proves Andrew's theory on fate can be real, but not necessary in the way that he thought it would be.

After a troublesome first few meetings, Zelda realizes how hard Andrew is trying and asks him to get drinks. Andrew says he's been acting crazy trying to prove that they were meant to be when it wasn't anything and turns her down. Zelda then says she was at the first show and she remembered the scenario vividly. She didn't want to admit it because she'd have to admit that she was wrong when she didn't believe that things could be 'meant to be'.

And they kiss. Because this is a sitcom, after all, and sitcoms are predictable.

So, what do I think of the show?

It's an interesting concept, but not incredibly well executed. It didn't hold my attention. I don't see this show going beyond one season, by any stretch. I didn't laugh, I didn't feel engaged and I didn't feel connected to the characters. This was surprising, since I think we all want to root for Cristin Milioti - I mean, she was the mom in How I Met Your Mother! The best part was that I think one of the characters was on Outsourced, which was cancelled way sooner than it should have been. He was onscreen for like, 15 seconds, and his facial expression was the best part of the whole show.

So will I watch this when it airs on NBC? I'm going to say no. I don't want to get invested in characters that aren't that interesting or a show that's going to be cancelled in a season or less. The best guy friend / best girl friend buddy show concept is tough - remember that show with Sarah Chalke and Judy Greer that ended with no resolution (Mad Love)? I don't think this show has the power it nees to keep afloat, even with Cristin Milioti as the leading lady.

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