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Recap & Review: Mikie Saves The Date on FYI

On Mikie Saves The Date, we meet Mikie Russo, wedding planner to the stars. He started out working in a flower shop and built his way up to where he is now. A long Island resident living with his partner, Mikie is planning a wedding of his own, along with those of his clients. Many clients reach out to Mikie right before their weddings to save the mess they've made, and he makes everything work in the end.

In this week's episode, we met Colleen and Rene. They gushed over a wedding they loved (the Jonas wedding) but don't have the budget to recreate. In addition, Colleen spilled the news that her mom is difficult to work with. The pair wanted different things for their wedding theme, so they asked Mikie to (with the show's catchphrase) save their date.

Mikie met the couple and asked both Colleen and Rene to choose colors they like...but choose them separately. No surprise, the colors didn't match. Colleen wanted a modern feel, whereas Rene wanted a 1920s style.

The couple then brought up their family drama. Colleen said she and her mom don't have a great relationship and she'd like it mended. She'd been raised by her grandmother and hadn't seen her mom in two years. Rene hadn't spoken to his brother in several years - it stemmed from an argument that was never reconciled.

After hearing their family stories, Mikie got emotional, and Colleen definitely didn't help that by saying all she wants is a family photo. Mikie promised he could make that happen.

Mikie took Colleen and Rene to look at venues, and as part of that, he brought along Colleen's grandmother Aggie and her mother Catherine. Grandma, like Colleen, hadn't seen Catherine in years. Aggie did not seem excited to see her.

The group visited a venue called Carlyle on the Green, where they were approached by Catherine. Catherine looked happy and everyone seemed happy to see her. It was so weird - it seemed like nothing was wrong - she was so natural. Rene loved the 1920s feel. Colleen liked how light it was in the room but it wasn't what she wanted. Mikie decided he'd find a smaller, more modern venue for them.

Before the group could leave the venue, a camera person asked Catherine some questions about seeing her daughter. Catherine asked for the camera to be put down and disappeared. She straight up left the venue. Okay, then. This led to an argument between Colleen and her mom, and it wasn't great - her mom seemed to think nothing of Colleen's thoughts and wishes.

The pair went to Jacob & Co to look at wedding rings. This was relatively uneventful, aside from the fact that Colleen was so excited.

Next up was looking at another venue - The Harbor Club at Prime. Colleen loved it. But Rene wasn't thrilled. He had lost his father, and he wanted his vision to be a part of the wedding because it reminds him of his dad. Once Mikie explained how he could incorporate Rene's vision, he was in and the venue was chosen.

Next up was flower shopping. Also uneventful. Mikie learned how to blend the couples' colors. Of course. He's a wedding planner on a major TV show.

Mikie then got creative and helped the couple make DIY invitations to save some cash. That's pretty cool - the show gave ideas that are accessible to everyday couples, not just people with cash.

Next, we saw Mikie plan a bit of his own wedding, and he noted that it was hard to be on the other side of things - he wasn't in total control and he had to make sacrifices.

Mikie took Rene shopping for his wedding suit, and Marilyn and Rey (Rene's sister and brother) joined them. Mikie disappeared so Rene and his estranged sibling could talk. Rene asked Rey to be a groomsman right off the bat. Rey surprisingly said yes, and Rene was thrilled. Thank goodness this reunion was better than Colleen and her mom's!

Dress shopping was next. Unfortunately, Colleen's mom was not in attendance, which clearly made her sad. However, her aunt, grandmother, her best friends an sisters-in-law joined her, so she was not alone. A few sentimental moments later, Colleen had her dress, and asked her sisters-in-law to be her bridesmaids.

We flashed forward six weeks to the wedding day. Colleen told Mikie that she really wants to get married outside. This meant Mikie had to leap into action and change up the plans. (Hello, dramatic element!) Mikie said doing photos before the ceremony, as Rene and Colleen did, can save you money by eliminating the cocktail hour. I'm sorry, is he insinuating that people should skip the best part of a wedding? Because not having a cocktail hour is the worst! That's where you get the best food and drinks. Totally, totally worth having. However, if taking photos first lets the bride and groom go to cocktail hour, that's totally worth it.

The wedding ceremony seemed to be short and sweet, and then Mikie surprised them by showing them their reception venue. No shock (as this is a wedding show), they loved it. It was pretty awesome - Mikie did a great job! Colleen got her family photo, the couple had their wedding, and everyone was happy, even without Colleen's mom in attendance. Mikie gave a speech about the couple, and then closed out the episode. He said to the camera that he makes couples face their issues head on, even if they don't have a happy ending. And the screen faded out. The end.

My thoughts on the show: 

Mikie Saves The Date is cute but it can't compete with the madness we see on David Tutera shows. However, I like that he's got real people in mind when he does his planning. We learned that the price difference between in season and out of season flowers is major, and that DIY invitations can be cute and save you a bunch of cash.

You can tell that Mikie really cares about his clients and genuinely wants to be helping them. He does things that will truly make his wedding couple happy. He gets emotional and has great intentions for his couples.

One thing that was interesting was that this show has some raw moments. Like, when Colleen argued with her mom, that was so real. It was so much more real than a lot of the things we see on reality TV these days.

Will I keep watching this show? If it's on, yeah, and I'll enjoy it with a big bowl of popcorn. But will I actively seek it out? Probably not. However, I give the show credit - it's a great show for the new FYI network, and goes well with Married at First Sight, which is an awesome show. This channel is going to be a hit for sure - it'll give some other networks a run for their money - and audience.

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I've enjoyed the Mikie Saves the Date shows! Yes, David Tutera has a good show, but Mikie is really good as well. Please keep both shows going!!!