Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Dating Naked Contestant Was Seen Actually Naked, and She's Not Happy

You know that show Dating Naked? Where people, you know, date naked? Well, contestant Jessie Nizewitz is suing VH1 for 10 million dollars after they didn't blur out a crotch shot that showed her naughty bits.

Nizewitz, a model, said she's been subject to ridicule since the show aired, and she is not happy that her parents and grandmother all saw her stuff on TV. More than that, though, the show broke up her 'relationship' - a guy she had been dating for a month never called her after the show aired.

Okay, here's the thing - VH1 royally screwed up by showing Jessie's private parts on TV. That was wrong and I do feel badly for her. But she probably signed her life away in the contracts she signed, so she's unlikely to see a dime of the money she's suing for. Should VH1 compensate her and blur out her parts in any future airings? Absolutely. But do they owe her anything? Probably not.

My questions are as follows:

- Did the boyfriend really not call Jessie back because of the singular crotch shot? Because I watched the episode (Dating Naked can be a very entertaining reality TV mess) and I didn't even notice it. I remember the scene overall but in no way did I notice the blur was missing. I guess I just wasn't looking. Anyway, did the guy bail out because he saw Jessie's bum on TV or because she was on a national television show wrestling a guy she just met while naked on the beach? I'd say it's probably the latter.

The article linked above notes that the boyfriend (who I'm sure is super thrilled to have been talked about in this lawsuit, even without his name being used...or not) is employed, in his 30s and Jewish. I can imagine that his mother laid the guilt on pretty think after the episode aired: Oy, honey, you're dating a girl who got naked on national television? Oh, honey, you need a nice Jewish girl. This is not a nice Jewish girl! What will the neighbors think? Can she still get married in a temple?

- Jessie's a model. Was there some secondary motive to this lawsuit? Maybe 15 extra minutes of fame to boost her modeling career? I don't see why not. If she was really embarrassed, she'd walk away from this quietly and not make sure all of the reality TV media outlets pick up on the story. Like I said, I didn't even notice the un-blurred image. This now made me notice. And put a whole lot of screenshots up on the internet.

If you click the link above (see the highlighted words 'subject to ridicule' in paragraph 2), you can see both the censored and uncensored images. And you can judge for yourself whether VH1 should pay up or Jessie should chalk this experience up to questionable judgment being on a naked reality dating show.

Oh yeah, did anyone see this week's episode? With Ashley and Alika, and how they're getting married? I guess Dating Naked can be successful. I mean, the daters need to be at least a little adventurous to do the show, so they already have one thing in common.

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