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Recap & Review: Mikie Saves The Date on FYI

On Mikie Saves The Date, we meet Mikie Russo, wedding planner to the stars. He started out working in a flower shop and built his way up to where he is now. A long Island resident living with his partner, Mikie is planning a wedding of his own, along with those of his clients. Many clients reach out to Mikie right before their weddings to save the mess they've made, and he makes everything work in the end.

In this week's episode, we met Colleen and Rene. They gushed over a wedding they loved (the Jonas wedding) but don't have the budget to recreate. In addition, Colleen spilled the news that her mom is difficult to work with. The pair wanted different things for their wedding theme, so they asked Mikie to (with the show's catchphrase) save their date.

Mikie met the couple and asked both Colleen and Rene to choose colors they like...but choose them separately. No surprise, the colors didn't match. Colleen wanted a modern feel, whereas Rene wanted a 1920s style.

The couple then brought up their family drama. Colleen said she and her mom don't have a great relationship and she'd like it mended. She'd been raised by her grandmother and hadn't seen her mom in two years. Rene hadn't spoken to his brother in several years - it stemmed from an argument that was never reconciled.

After hearing their family stories, Mikie got emotional, and Colleen definitely didn't help that by saying all she wants is a family photo. Mikie promised he could make that happen.

Mikie took Colleen and Rene to look at venues, and as part of that, he brought along Colleen's grandmother Aggie and her mother Catherine. Grandma, like Colleen, hadn't seen Catherine in years. Aggie did not seem excited to see her.

The group visited a venue called Carlyle on the Green, where they were approached by Catherine. Catherine looked happy and everyone seemed happy to see her. It was so weird - it seemed like nothing was wrong - she was so natural. Rene loved the 1920s feel. Colleen liked how light it was in the room but it wasn't what she wanted. Mikie decided he'd find a smaller, more modern venue for them.

Before the group could leave the venue, a camera person asked Catherine some questions about seeing her daughter. Catherine asked for the camera to be put down and disappeared. She straight up left the venue. Okay, then. This led to an argument between Colleen and her mom, and it wasn't great - her mom seemed to think nothing of Colleen's thoughts and wishes.

The pair went to Jacob & Co to look at wedding rings. This was relatively uneventful, aside from the fact that Colleen was so excited.

Next up was looking at another venue - The Harbor Club at Prime. Colleen loved it. But Rene wasn't thrilled. He had lost his father, and he wanted his vision to be a part of the wedding because it reminds him of his dad. Once Mikie explained how he could incorporate Rene's vision, he was in and the venue was chosen.

Next up was flower shopping. Also uneventful. Mikie learned how to blend the couples' colors. Of course. He's a wedding planner on a major TV show.

Mikie then got creative and helped the couple make DIY invitations to save some cash. That's pretty cool - the show gave ideas that are accessible to everyday couples, not just people with cash.

Next, we saw Mikie plan a bit of his own wedding, and he noted that it was hard to be on the other side of things - he wasn't in total control and he had to make sacrifices.

Mikie took Rene shopping for his wedding suit, and Marilyn and Rey (Rene's sister and brother) joined them. Mikie disappeared so Rene and his estranged sibling could talk. Rene asked Rey to be a groomsman right off the bat. Rey surprisingly said yes, and Rene was thrilled. Thank goodness this reunion was better than Colleen and her mom's!

Dress shopping was next. Unfortunately, Colleen's mom was not in attendance, which clearly made her sad. However, her aunt, grandmother, her best friends an sisters-in-law joined her, so she was not alone. A few sentimental moments later, Colleen had her dress, and asked her sisters-in-law to be her bridesmaids.

We flashed forward six weeks to the wedding day. Colleen told Mikie that she really wants to get married outside. This meant Mikie had to leap into action and change up the plans. (Hello, dramatic element!) Mikie said doing photos before the ceremony, as Rene and Colleen did, can save you money by eliminating the cocktail hour. I'm sorry, is he insinuating that people should skip the best part of a wedding? Because not having a cocktail hour is the worst! That's where you get the best food and drinks. Totally, totally worth having. However, if taking photos first lets the bride and groom go to cocktail hour, that's totally worth it.

The wedding ceremony seemed to be short and sweet, and then Mikie surprised them by showing them their reception venue. No shock (as this is a wedding show), they loved it. It was pretty awesome - Mikie did a great job! Colleen got her family photo, the couple had their wedding, and everyone was happy, even without Colleen's mom in attendance. Mikie gave a speech about the couple, and then closed out the episode. He said to the camera that he makes couples face their issues head on, even if they don't have a happy ending. And the screen faded out. The end.

My thoughts on the show: 

Mikie Saves The Date is cute but it can't compete with the madness we see on David Tutera shows. However, I like that he's got real people in mind when he does his planning. We learned that the price difference between in season and out of season flowers is major, and that DIY invitations can be cute and save you a bunch of cash.

You can tell that Mikie really cares about his clients and genuinely wants to be helping them. He does things that will truly make his wedding couple happy. He gets emotional and has great intentions for his couples.

One thing that was interesting was that this show has some raw moments. Like, when Colleen argued with her mom, that was so real. It was so much more real than a lot of the things we see on reality TV these days.

Will I keep watching this show? If it's on, yeah, and I'll enjoy it with a big bowl of popcorn. But will I actively seek it out? Probably not. However, I give the show credit - it's a great show for the new FYI network, and goes well with Married at First Sight, which is an awesome show. This channel is going to be a hit for sure - it'll give some other networks a run for their money - and audience.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Review of Golden Tote - A Surprise Shopping Experience

When I learned about Golden Tote, I was immediately interested. I mean, how cool is the idea? You pick one or two items (depending on whether you choose the $49 or $149 package) and get a bunch of surprises that fit your choices and style profile. Sounds great! In reality, it's okay, but not great.

It should have been a warning sign when I looked at July's Golden Tote deals and wasn't really interested in anything. Instead, I waited until August and invested $149 plus shipping for my Golden Tote. I chose two items that I really liked and hoped for good luck with my other items.

I placed my order on August 5, 2014. My Golden Tote arrived on August 25, 2014. Due to the long wait, I called customer service twice, and both times it went straight to voicemail. So, wait - I spent $7.95 for my order to arrive in 20 days? And not reach customer support to discuss it? To be fair, an email from Golden Tote noted that the company was extra busy this month, so maybe this was a fluke.

Okay, so I chose my two main items for the $149 deal, which were great. I feel like they fit my personality and style well. They are pictured below (the top and the dress):

Next, I chose my style profile. For this, you're shown three pictures and you pick the one that best fits your look. The one I chose is below. Note the colors, shapes and patterns in this image.

In this image, I see lots of neutrals, blacks, clean lines and sophistication. I love it! I'd wear most of the items in this picture (the pink shoes and one of the blouses aside) so I figured I was in good shape. Structured jackets and skirts, basics, jackets - awesome.

I sent my order through and the excitement built up. Then I waited, and waited, and waited...and when I opened the package that arrived 20 days later, I was so disappointed. I loved my original two choices, but the rest were just...wrong. They were either completely wrong for me or totally uninspired. Pictures of the other items are below. So wait, I paid $149 to get a plain gray open top? Are you serious? Unfortunately, the tote is all or nothing, so I have some serious thinking to do - do I keep the items I chose and try to give away the rest? Or give it all up and try again next month...or maybe not. Note that if you return a tote, your original shipping is refunded but you have to pay for the return shipping and it will take several days for your return to be processed.

Note: All images above are from Golden Tote. Images below are mine. 

Below are the surprise items I got in my tote.

I will admit, three out of four items followed the neutrals rule, but what is up with the tank top, which looks like someone threw paint at it? It's not a structured pattern, neutral or even remotely cute. The second and third items aren't my style, and the fourth item is just an open cover up - I could buy that at Target for $10. All of the items were incredibly baggy and I was not impressed. It kind of feels like the Golden Tote company was overwhelmed, sent overstock and hoped for the best.

So what are the pros and cons of Golden Tote?

- The items to choose from are relatively diverse.
- The pricing points are fair.
- The items are great quality.
- The clothes are true to size (a medium fits a medium).

- Expensive, slow shipping.
- Returns are all or nothing.

- Lots of risk - the surprise items don't seem to truly fit the style profile. And they seem a little random - this blogger chose one of the same items as me and got different surprise items. I liked hers a little better than mine. (Maybe she chose a different style profile, but one of the shirts looks the same as mine but in different colors.)

- All of the clothes seem baggy, which is fair to fit more body types, but not my style.

Would I use Golden Tote again? Maybe. I'm very torn on what to do with my current tote because I love my two original items, and I know I can choose great items again. But the other items were less than stellar.

Want to try Golden Tote yourself? Click here to order and let me know what you think.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Dating Naked Contestant Was Seen Actually Naked, and She's Not Happy

You know that show Dating Naked? Where people, you know, date naked? Well, contestant Jessie Nizewitz is suing VH1 for 10 million dollars after they didn't blur out a crotch shot that showed her naughty bits.

Nizewitz, a model, said she's been subject to ridicule since the show aired, and she is not happy that her parents and grandmother all saw her stuff on TV. More than that, though, the show broke up her 'relationship' - a guy she had been dating for a month never called her after the show aired.

Okay, here's the thing - VH1 royally screwed up by showing Jessie's private parts on TV. That was wrong and I do feel badly for her. But she probably signed her life away in the contracts she signed, so she's unlikely to see a dime of the money she's suing for. Should VH1 compensate her and blur out her parts in any future airings? Absolutely. But do they owe her anything? Probably not.

My questions are as follows:

- Did the boyfriend really not call Jessie back because of the singular crotch shot? Because I watched the episode (Dating Naked can be a very entertaining reality TV mess) and I didn't even notice it. I remember the scene overall but in no way did I notice the blur was missing. I guess I just wasn't looking. Anyway, did the guy bail out because he saw Jessie's bum on TV or because she was on a national television show wrestling a guy she just met while naked on the beach? I'd say it's probably the latter.

The article linked above notes that the boyfriend (who I'm sure is super thrilled to have been talked about in this lawsuit, even without his name being used...or not) is employed, in his 30s and Jewish. I can imagine that his mother laid the guilt on pretty think after the episode aired: Oy, honey, you're dating a girl who got naked on national television? Oh, honey, you need a nice Jewish girl. This is not a nice Jewish girl! What will the neighbors think? Can she still get married in a temple?

- Jessie's a model. Was there some secondary motive to this lawsuit? Maybe 15 extra minutes of fame to boost her modeling career? I don't see why not. If she was really embarrassed, she'd walk away from this quietly and not make sure all of the reality TV media outlets pick up on the story. Like I said, I didn't even notice the un-blurred image. This now made me notice. And put a whole lot of screenshots up on the internet.

If you click the link above (see the highlighted words 'subject to ridicule' in paragraph 2), you can see both the censored and uncensored images. And you can judge for yourself whether VH1 should pay up or Jessie should chalk this experience up to questionable judgment being on a naked reality dating show.

Oh yeah, did anyone see this week's episode? With Ashley and Alika, and how they're getting married? I guess Dating Naked can be successful. I mean, the daters need to be at least a little adventurous to do the show, so they already have one thing in common.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kendall Jenner Is Full Of Herself Because She's a Model

RealityTVWorld is reporting that Kendall Jenner is all kinds of full of herself and she thinks she's hotter than her sisters.

Reportedly, Kendall Jenner has turned into a total diva and wants more cash per episode than her sisters get on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She thinks she's all that because she's a model whereas the rest of her family only star in reality shows. As much as it's not great to have an ego bigger than the paycheck your family makes because your sister once did a sex tape, she does have a point. She is doing something while her sisters are famous only for their relationships and ability to stay in the public eye. That being said, I don't think Kendall's fame will ever surpass Kim Kardashian's, or even Khloe Kardashian' I think she needs to take a step back and thank those who got her where she is today.

Not only is Kendall's ego out of control, her behavior is as well. She's suing a waitress for ruining her reputation, stating that she ran out on a bill at a restaurant. Kendall denies this, but the story is as follows:
Jenner dined with friend Hailey Baldwin at Mercer Kitchen on Monday and purposely walked out on their bill because they were reportedly refused alcohol. When Blaine Morris, the waitress and an aspiring actress, chased the pair down for the outstanding money, Jenner threw the money in her face, according to The New York Post.

"Kendall got up and left and didn't pay for all the food... about $60 worth, and without a tip," a source told The Post. "Kendall and Hailey started laughing. Kendall took a couple of $20 bills out of her wallet, threw them at the server and walked away, not even counting if it was enough or if it included a tip."

Do I believe this story? I'm not 100% sure but it doesn't seem impossible. Kendall's story is that she forgot to pay and when the waitress approached her, she apologized and kindly did so. But would the waitress really post a lie like this in a tweet if she just wanted to further her career? It seems like it might almost be more harmful - any pro-Kardashian contacts will definitely avoid her going forward.

A positive that may come out of this is that the Kardashians will learn from Kendall's actions. The family is clearly known for their over-the-top behavior - maybe this will help them take it down a notch.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: A to Z - I Heart Radio Premiere of the New NBC Show

A to Z is a show that will be premiering on NBC. I Heart Radio let us take a sneak peak at the comedy before it hits the airwaves.

A to Z is a show in which Andrew (Ben Feldman) meets Zelda (Cristin Milioti), hence the A to Z. Andrew is a hopeless romantic and Zelda is a realistic lawyer. The premise of the show, that we learn right up front, is that the pair date for a set amount of time (8 months and change, which the show will document).

When Andrew and Zelda meet, the viewers learn that the pair have crossed paths in the past. Andrew also thinks he saw Zelda wearing a silver dress in the past and was convinced they were soulmates. Zelda says she never wore a silver dress. Andrew enlisted his friend to help prove that Zelda was, in fact, the girl in the dress. It turns out she wasn't, but Zelda's best friend Steph was dating Andrew's best friend Stu, who was lying to her and saying he was a famous jazz musician. It proves Andrew's theory on fate can be real, but not necessary in the way that he thought it would be.

After a troublesome first few meetings, Zelda realizes how hard Andrew is trying and asks him to get drinks. Andrew says he's been acting crazy trying to prove that they were meant to be when it wasn't anything and turns her down. Zelda then says she was at the first show and she remembered the scenario vividly. She didn't want to admit it because she'd have to admit that she was wrong when she didn't believe that things could be 'meant to be'.

And they kiss. Because this is a sitcom, after all, and sitcoms are predictable.

So, what do I think of the show?

It's an interesting concept, but not incredibly well executed. It didn't hold my attention. I don't see this show going beyond one season, by any stretch. I didn't laugh, I didn't feel engaged and I didn't feel connected to the characters. This was surprising, since I think we all want to root for Cristin Milioti - I mean, she was the mom in How I Met Your Mother! The best part was that I think one of the characters was on Outsourced, which was cancelled way sooner than it should have been. He was onscreen for like, 15 seconds, and his facial expression was the best part of the whole show.

So will I watch this when it airs on NBC? I'm going to say no. I don't want to get invested in characters that aren't that interesting or a show that's going to be cancelled in a season or less. The best guy friend / best girl friend buddy show concept is tough - remember that show with Sarah Chalke and Judy Greer that ended with no resolution (Mad Love)? I don't think this show has the power it nees to keep afloat, even with Cristin Milioti as the leading lady.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams: What We've Learned From a Life Lost

A smile does not always equate to happiness.

Robin Williams took his own life this week. One of the greatest comedians of our time, he appeared to a happy person to the viewers at home. From comedy to movies to improvisations that made us laugh until tears streamed down our faces, Robin Williams showed us what comedy truly is.

This is why it may have been a shock to many that Robin Williams chose to leave the world of the living. His outward comedic attitude hid inner pain that many people will never understand. And while what he did is a tragic loss for his family and the world, there are some things we can learn from it.

Suicide is not a selfish act. Todd Bridges, star of Diff'rent Strokes, said otherwise, in a careless and dangerous statement.

Per, linked above:
Shortly after word of Williams’ death was announced on Monday, Diff’rent Strokes actor Todd Bridges shared his thoughts on the tragedy, saying that suicide was an easy way out of life’s problems. Williams was said to be struggling with drug addiction and an often crippling depression.

“You don’t think that my life has been hell and I’ve had so many ups and downs now?” he told TMZ. “If I did that, what am I showing my children — that when it gets tough that’s the way out? No. You gotta buckle down, ask God to help you. That’s when prayer really comes into effect.”
 I ask how this is fair to Robin Williams and his family. Suicide is not an easy way out. It is not something that people take lightly. Does Mr. Bridges truly believe that Robin Williams just decided to take his own life on a whim? No. He's probably had suicidal thoughts his whole life and fought through them as hard as he could. He held on for many long years until he reached the point where life was too much to bear. I do not know Mr. Williams, but I can say that this was not a decision that Mr. Williams took lightly.

It's easy to say that someone should have thought about their family or turned to God or whatever else, but we're saying that as individual who is living and most likely did not face depression to the point that Robin Williams did. That being said, I personally suffer from very strong depression and can empathize with the feelings that Mr. Williams faced, but only to a point. There are times when the world feels like too much to handle, but most of us are able to pull ourselves back from reaching the breaking point. Mr. Williams probably did that many, many times, and at this time it became just a little too much.

I understand placing blame - Robin Williams should have gotten help. He should have talked to someone. He should have done something. I don't disagree - if Robin could have gotten the help he needed, maybe he'd be here today. But being such a brilliant mind comes with great responsibility. Much of comedy is rooted in pain. It may require being constantly stuck in an endless cycle of thought that you cannot escape. Outwardly, Robin had to portray an image of happiness, which probably made it even harder to deal with his depression. Everyone expects something of you; they want you to be on point all the time and be funny at the drop of a hat. It is just not that simple. And Robin may have gotten help, even recently, but sometimes too much is too much.

Robin Williams suffered from drug and alcohol dependency. While some may be quick to blame this for his suicide, I ask that you view it the other way around. Robin Williams' depression is likely what led him to lean so heavily on these substances. He was medicating in the way that he probably thought helped him best. Unfortunately, relying on substances actually increases depression, even though a person gets a quick break from it while utilizing such substances.

What should we learn from Robin Williams' suicide? We should learn that mental illness is a real occurrence that plagues people everywhere. From those living on the streets to those with lives of luxury, depression and mental illness do not discriminate. It doesn't matter how good you think someone's life is - depression doesn't care. In fact, it can be made worse by people telling someone that they don't have a right to be depressed because of the privileges they've been given in life. Words like "How can you be depressed? You have everything!" make things so much harder because depression is not something we can truly explain. All the money in the world cannot help someone shake feelings of worthlessness and pain. Depression runs deep, and unless you've experienced it, you can't truly understand it.

As for the message that suicide is an easy way out - it's not. I can't speak for anyone in particular, but I do think that most people think long and hard before committing such an act. They go through everything they can to survive and break the pitfall of depression, but sometimes you just can't. Sure, there are stories of people who are saved from jumping off bridges who go on to live wonderful, productive lives. But there are also those who suffer in silence because of the fear of not being accepted or understood, and there are those who are successful at ending their lives.

If anyone comes to you speaking about suicide, take it seriously. Help them. Do not assume it's a cry for attention (and it very well may be, but there's an underlying reason for that too) and do what you can to help. We've lost one great life, but by accepting that depression is real, we may be able to save another.

Robin Williams, you did wonderful things for people. You made us laugh. You shared joy with the world. And for that, you should be celebrated. For your passing, you should not be shamed by those who do not understand. I am not sure what happens after one leaves the earth, but I hope you are free from your burdens and able to feel true happiness.

The Singles Project - A Recap / Review of Episode 1

VH1 takes dating shows to a whole new level with The Singles Project. The show is filmed week to week, so the network has no idea where it's going to go, and it's interactive. Like, viewers can text in and may even get the chance to meet the singles and appear on the show.

The first of the singles is Ericka. She's a 38 year old who has a career representing a lifestyle brand. She met with her friend Onika, who called her out - she said Ericka needs to step away from work to meet a man. Onika said that she and Ericka would be going out and approaching guys, and Ericka was shocked by it - she said if a man likes her, he should approach her.

Next was celebrity eyebrow stylist Joey, 28. Joey, who is gay, felt restricted growing up in Connecticut. At first, he wanted to date a lot, but now he wants a life partner. Joey's trainer, who was working with him during his opening scene, said he might have a partner for Joey. Joey seemed receptive when seeing this guy's picture.

Kerry, 27, is an only child who is close with her parents. She would never date anyone who wouldn't take in her mother if she needed it. Kerry looks spoiled and loves to shop, and talks kind of like a ditz. Kerry said she gets hit on a lot but never gets asked on a proper date. She wants a guy who is handsome and is willing to have pets.

At this point, we saw a poll asking who was most likely to find love, and pretty much nobody thought it would be Kerry.

Ericka went out and got two numbers, but she was super uncomfortable going up to guys. She was even more shocked that she'd have to call the guys to follow up.

Next, we met Tabasum, a 34 year old dermatologist who focuses on the cosmetic side of things. In her parents' culture (they're from Kashmir), many people get married young. She, instead, had tunnel vision on becoming a doctor. She said she's inexperienced with dating and she'd be going out with a 24 year old.

Kerry and her friends trolled Tinder looking for guys. She sounded so. ridiculously. shallow. Between saying "I hate you so much" in a valley girl voice and taking photos of herself with a popsicle, this girl did not come off as highly desirable.

Joey was next, and he was much cooler. He prepared for his date with Anthony, who seems to be the guy his trainer set him up with. The guys hit it off right away. Joey was clearly smitten. Go Joey and Anthony!

Lee, 37, came up next. He's an aesthetic dentist, so he notices detail. His brother is his business partner, roommate and wingman. He got two phone numbers at the event shown on TV, although what was super weird is that he had his brother program a number into his phone, versus saving it in his own.

Ericka gave in and called a guy, but he shut her down. He said he'd just been out the night they met to hang with his friend. Ericka was mad - she started complaining about the "pussification" of men, saying they're too soft. (Pussification is her word, not mine, by the way.)

Tabasum seemed happy with the guy she met on her date, although she was not enamored with the guy's carer - he's an actor / other stuff / a list of (as Tabasum described) random things. However, he was hot (also her words) so she was happy. Tabasum can do so much better - she said the guy looked like he got his model training from the Zoolander she's funny!

Lee was concerned that getting two numbers at the event he'd gone to being sleazy. According to the audience poll, most people seemed okay with it. I agree! It's not sleazy to meet people! Lee invited Kiki over to hang with him, his brother and his brother's girlfriend. She's one of the girls from the event. As Kiki talked about herself, Lee checked his phone and used the excuse that it could be communication from a patient. Kiki asked if Lee got other numbers at the event, and he told the truth - he had to, as this show filmed week to week, so Kiki would know now that the episode aired. Kiki took it in stride - she seems like a woman with a good sense of self and confidence. (Go Kiki!)

Tabasum's date said something about how he's dated women older than she is, and it did not come across well. She turned down a first date kiss, and rightfully so. At least she admitted this kind of dating would get her nowhere.

Kiki shared the fact that she's a model. Lee was instantly enamored when she said she worked for Victoria's secret. Kiki was great - she made it clear that something could happen that night between the pair, she called Lee out on his BS, and she was confident with her past and current self. At the end of their date, Lee walked Kiki to a cab (rather than engaging in any, um, activities) because something didn't feel right for him, and he was looking for the perfect match for him.

The daters looked at their profiles in the New York Post. One review said there's hope for Ericka but the other two females will die alone. Okay then!

Tabasum talked to her friend about her dismal dating life. She admitted that life is tough because she'd recently lost a parent and gained a niece, and it made her realize what her life is missing.

At the end of the episode, the daters asked people for their opinions of them (they will be screened, by the way) or if people wanted to meet them. Next week I guess we'll find out what happens!

My thoughts:

This show is a good watch because you don't know what's going to go down. It's not as if Bravo pre-filmed and edited the whole show ahead of time - they picked singles with interesting personalities and hoped for the best. If nothing else, it'll be interesting to see Lee navigate the dating world, root for Joey to succeed, and make strange faces at things that Kerry says. Today's gem was that she wished she could move home and marry her mom and dad. Of course, nobody should take that literally, but it was a stereotypical spoiled rich girl statement.

I think the interactivity of this show is a novel idea in the world of typical dating shows. I mean, even Dating Naked, another VH1 dating program, is typical aside from the fact that people are like, "Oh hey, I totally see your boobs and stuff!" (Don't get me wrong - that show is great. They cast some very strange people on it because really, what totally normal person is willing to get naked to date on a TV show?)

I think this show is pretty cool. I'm not totally enamored with it but it's not meant to have crazy story arcs like The Real Housewives of New Jersey or anything - it's meant to show more of the real life dating scene.

Is it worth watching? Yeah, it least one episode to try it out, and maybe send some helpful tweets to the daters. Like, hey Lee, don't rely on your brother so much. Or Tabasum, believe in yourself! You're smart and you can get a man who's on your level. These are real people with real experiences. Sure, the show is contrived like any other 'reality' show, but it's a lot more real than a lot of the stuff out there.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Married At First Sight: A Sight To See

Has anyone been watching Married At First Sight? I was advised to watch it, and it's totally worth it.

The concept of this show is that people meet and marry immediately, and we watch as they build their lives together. It gives a glimpse into the concept of marriages arranged by matchmakers versus the standard tradition of people choosing mates on their own.

We watch people go through relationship phases really, really fast - get married, choose where to live, etc. Obstacles, like figuring out each others' schedules, were incredibly challenging, given that these couples barely knew each other. Plus, the couples met their new in-laws for the first time at the wedding, figured out finances, and figured out their sex lives. I mean, the couples are married, but they were still about to have sex with a complete stranger!

What's most interesting to see how the new couples interact - there are arguments, there is happiness, there is awkwardness. It's very fascinating to see these couples accept that they are married, yet realize they are basically strangers. Some couples meld together naturally; others face marriage-breaking problems right off the bat. Really, these couples are no different than any other, except that everything happens quickly and in a fit of passion - or lack of.

The show, which claims to be a social experiment, makes the point that couples that move in together after marriage have a lower divorce rate than those who don't. I'm sure that's going to be a fact they emphasize if these couples do remain together.

The show was a hit for the FYI network. In fact, it's already been renewed for a second season. This show has put the relatively unknown, recently re-branded network on the map.