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Sister Wives - 7/6/14 - "Missouri...Thats For Misery"

After we heard one of the Brown kids exclaim something about Missouri being misery (I mean, he was losing his spring break), I had to watch tonight's episode of Sister Wives.

So what's in Missouri, anyway? A non-Mormon polygamist family. It seems like this family reached out to the Browns, and the Browns wanted to meet them...which sounds like a reality show match made in heaven.

While Hunter was clearly upset about the trip, Truely was nothing but adorable. I feel like Truely is a breakout star from this show - as much as you can get frustrated with the adults on Sister Wives, Truely can always make you smile.

Before they could go on their "misery" trip, the Browns had a business meeting about My Sister Wives closet. They couldn't get their money as soon as they wanted from the investors, so they were watching their schedule fall further and further behind.

 The family started to have some memories of their last traumatic road trip, but this time they seemed a little more prepared. Kody said his goal is for everyone to have a good attitude and to have a good time. I'm pretty sure that is impossible, given that it's hard to keep two people happy, let alone a family of like, a million people.

Robyn & Kody's niece Mindy came along for the ride. As a driving adult, she seemed like a welcome guest. The adults noted that Mindy would be great because she wouldn't tolerate a bad attitude. And without Mykelti, Aspyn, Logan and Mariah on the trip (who tend to be leaders as the oldest kids, I think), there was risk of the teenagers having bad attitudes and passing that along to the younger ones.

Before the trip began, the adults all started freaking out, which was to be expected. But they were successful and the RVs were able to leave for their trip to Missouri.

When the family stopped Arizona at a corner referenced in a song, they met Tom, the owner of the Arizona 66 Trading Post. He seemed cool - he was very liberal and supportive of the Browns' lifestyle. This was shown as a follow up to Robyn's speech in the confessional about being able to publicly practice polygamy (although her speech was all over the place and hard to follow).

Kody put on some crazy kind of ponytail and worked with the older boys to clean the RV's sewage system. Seriously - if you haven't watched this episode and are just reading this recap, try to watch this part of the episode, if only to see Kody's hair.

Truely's 4th birthday occurred while on the RV. I think we all root for Truely a little bit extra because of the illness she went through. If you've been following Sister Wives, you saw Truely go through a serious illness but recover wonderfully. The family celebrated Truely's birthday at the Route 66 diner, which meant a meal not cooked on the RV. And no clean up! Kody alluded to the fact that the diner was very helpful towards the family, but who can blame them? After this episode airs, their visitation is sure to increase like crazy!

After that, things went less smoothly - it started to snow and due to an issue with the sewage, sewage leaked out all over Kody.

The guys determined they were going to go The Big Texan Steak Ranch and eat a big steak within a given time limit. Before they went, they met a woman who did it, sot he challenge was on. The deal is, if you finish the 72 ounce steak within a time limit, the meal is free. But you also risk getting incredibly sick. Those who accepted the challenge were Hunter, Garrison, Dayton, Madison and Kody. Kody said his heart rate started going crazy once the announcement about the competitors was made, which wasn't helping him eat. Garrison gave up first, even with a half hour to spare, because he didn't want to make himself sick. Dayton stuck it out and had a lot of fun, even though he didn't finish the steak in time.

As expected, the trip got off schedule, and Ysabel goofed around during a prayer session, which led to fighting, with Garrison snapping. Even the other guys called him out in the confessional. Garrison later apologized. The family pulled over for lunch on the side of a hill, and the kids slid down the hill on paper plates. That seemed to alleviate the tension from earlier in the day.

Next episode, the Browns will meet the Richard family. They don't come from a polygamist background, and while they don't do this, they know of polygamist families that share a bedroom. The Browns couldn't even fathom that idea. It should be interested to hear more about the similarities and differences between the cultures of this family and the Browns.

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