Friday, July 18, 2014

Reality Recap: A Week In Review

This week, a bunch of reality shows hit the airwaves. Some were good and some were not so good.

Virgin Territory: I was really excited for this MTV show, especially given the 11 PM time slot. The premise of the show is following the lives of virgins. I guess in this day and age they're considered a novelty past the age of 16 or something. Anyway, this show was a total disappointment. It was so uninteresting, and I can't imagine how there's going to be more to this show than we saw on the first episode. I think the most interesting part was when a religious girl told us that she's never masturbated but she totally understands if her fiance does.

My feeling on this show: Skip it. Not even worth it. If you want to know what people think about losing their virginity, just think about your own experience or have a gab session with friends. There is no need to watch awkward dates and a religious couple giggle about sex-related words before their wedding.

Dating Naked: This show was surprisingly interesting. While you don't see any naughty bits, you see a lot of people's butts, so if that makes you queasy, don't tune in. Really, this show is the same as any other dating show. Two people go on as contestants. They first went on a date with each other, then they each went on two other dates. At some point, everyone spent time together, and of course, drama ensued. VH1 made a great choice leading the series with the Joe and Wee Wee episode. This is due in part to the fact that the female on the show has a nickname that is also a nickname for pee. But whatever.

The show is a mix of evident fame whoring (Jasmine was clearly looking to get famous) and people legitimately looking for love (Joe and Wee Wee). One thing about the show was that interesting was that it wasn't entirely filled with overly attractive people - some of the people were pretty average. And that's cool, because that is real life. Or maybe most pretty people don't want to get naked on a reality show.

Candidly Nicole: This VH1 show is awesome. Is it a reality show? Not by a long shot. It's a few steps short of a completely scripted series. But it is awesome. Nicole Richie is put in a whole bunch of completely fake situations in which she and her friends say a bunch of scripted, strange things. Candidly Nicole has a whole lot of WTF moments, but in the best possible way. As long as you know it isn't real, you're good...because if it was, that would be pretty tragic.

LeAnn and Eddie: This show reads like a less dramatic Tori Spelling "reality" drama. It succeeds in one way - it makes LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian look human. The tabloids have been doing a great job of making them look like monsters. They don't look quite so bad on here, and you do actually believe that their marriage isn't in as much turmoil as the tabloids want us to think. Oh yeah, and LeAnn can actually still sing. The show made sure we knew that.

There were a few things that were a little too obvious on the show - LeAnn was complaining about how she had one of the worst record deals in the industry (wah wah wah) and Eddie made it very, very, VERY clear that he'll never get back together with ex Brandi Glanville. It's cool. We get it.

Botched: I know this E! show isn't new like the others, but I was told I have to watch it, so I did. This show was definitely not my cup of tea - I don't like watching gruesome medical stuff. However, it was interesting to see Janice Dickinson be her usual strange self as she gave the doctors attitude and removed the drain from her breast after an implant was put in. And it was nice to see a guy who suffered from migraines due to a crooked nose find relief when Dr. Nassif was able to fix it.

The premise of the show is that people have botched cosmetic procedures and they get them fixed while on the show. I have to say - the work done on this show is done very well! And I'm sure the patients get it done cheap or free for allowing their stories to be shown on national TV.

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