Sunday, July 13, 2014

Game of Crowns: My Thoughts

Game of Crowns premiered tonight on Bravo. Unfortunately, like a lot of modern Bravo programming, this show features a bunch of women with a particular interest making friends and being catty.

The most fun part of Game of Crowns is watching the pageants themselves - it's interesting to see the clothing choices and the catty comments the women make. It's also interesting to see how judgmental the woman can be - after one of the show's stars won a regional pageant, another woman commented that it doesn't mean anything until she's competed in a national pageant.

One of the stars of the show, Susanna, said part of her job is "speaking eloquent"...which is kind of funny because the correct wording would be "speaking eloquently" but whatever! She did seem accomplished - she speaks four foreign languages and has a good job.

Lori-Ann was an interesting case - she entered and won Mrs. Connecticut on a whim, and on the show said she now is 'stuck competing at Mrs. America'. New to the pageant world, Lori-Ann seemed unhappy with how everyone wanted to change her from a fitness competition veteran to a pageant star. She seemed insecure, which was interesting for someone with so much onstage experience. I can understand it though - she's way out of her comfort zone.

My rating for the show: B. It's not great by any stretch, but if you need your pageant TV fix, this fills in fine for Toddlers and Tiaras. We get a good look at the backstage drama and responsibilities of a pageant competitor on the Mrs. circuit. If anyone has any thoughts of getting into the Mrs. pageant scene, I think is enough to scare them off...unless they're really brave.

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