Thursday, July 24, 2014

Biological Clock Web Series - Support a Great Project

There is a web series that's going to hit the web soon, and this is your chance to fund the Kickstarter and be a part of it.
The Biological Clock web series is going to bring us into the deep, dark and sometimes dirty world of the singles scene in New York City. Comprised of true stories spun into a web series, Biological Clock will give us a glimpse into the crazy world of those looking to find their one true love in a city of millions.

Less Than Reality got in touch with the creator of Biological Clock, and we got the inside scoop on the series, which only has a few days left on Kickstarter to raise the money needed to film.

Below is the story:
Where did this whole series come from? 
I was sitting on my couch hearing my best friend tell a crazy story about a guy she had met online. Here are the basics.
After this random guy tried to make my friend answer a series of questions in an email, he told her that their first date would be at Starbucks on 42nd street. Although she was already hesitant, she tried to be open minded. On the day of the date, it was pouring, so she texted him to ask if they could meet at a Starbucks a little closer to her apartment. He replied and said, "Nope 42nd street." At that point, she replied and said, I'm sorry, but I really don't think this is going to work out." He replied with a text saying, "Go away you shady loser." 

Throughout the years, I had heard many crazy stories like this and I decided that this great material should not go to waste. I watch a fair amount of TV, but the stories I was hearing were better than anything I had watched. So, I got the idea to interview 100 New Yorkers and then create a little sitcom based on their stories. Eventually, word spread and more and more people wanted to share their stories. Generally, when I meet people, they say, "You can just interview me and you'll have an entire series." The interviews were actually incredible. 

What are the next steps?
People are very into the idea of this web series. We have the support. However, the hard part is raising the money. I'm trying really hard to raise it. My goal is for the project to go viral and to get thousands of people to just donate $1. The Kickstarter closes Tuesday morning. But a few days is all it takes, and I'm going to make this happen.

I have an indie producer, cast, and crew ready to produce the first 7 episodes as a web series. The series is full of heart and A LOT of awkward moments. It's based on 4 characters:
1) Julia-The awkward Jewish girl from suburbia trying to take on the New York dating scene (and making many mistakes along the way). 
2) Jordana-The beautiful fashionista trying to go outside of her comfort zone and date guys that are VERY different from her
3) Gabe-The charming and fun pre-med student. Although the ladies love him, he often just goes for the "low-hanging fruit." 
4) Chace-A gay man who has just come out and is making up for lost time. He is always the life of the party and is loving his new freedom. 

Want to support this project? You only have a few days left, but you can be a part of a great project. Every penny helps! Click the link below to support.

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