Thursday, July 24, 2014

Biological Clock Web Series - Support a Great Project

There is a web series that's going to hit the web soon, and this is your chance to fund the Kickstarter and be a part of it.
The Biological Clock web series is going to bring us into the deep, dark and sometimes dirty world of the singles scene in New York City. Comprised of true stories spun into a web series, Biological Clock will give us a glimpse into the crazy world of those looking to find their one true love in a city of millions.

Less Than Reality got in touch with the creator of Biological Clock, and we got the inside scoop on the series, which only has a few days left on Kickstarter to raise the money needed to film.

Below is the story:
Where did this whole series come from? 
I was sitting on my couch hearing my best friend tell a crazy story about a guy she had met online. Here are the basics.
After this random guy tried to make my friend answer a series of questions in an email, he told her that their first date would be at Starbucks on 42nd street. Although she was already hesitant, she tried to be open minded. On the day of the date, it was pouring, so she texted him to ask if they could meet at a Starbucks a little closer to her apartment. He replied and said, "Nope 42nd street." At that point, she replied and said, I'm sorry, but I really don't think this is going to work out." He replied with a text saying, "Go away you shady loser." 

Throughout the years, I had heard many crazy stories like this and I decided that this great material should not go to waste. I watch a fair amount of TV, but the stories I was hearing were better than anything I had watched. So, I got the idea to interview 100 New Yorkers and then create a little sitcom based on their stories. Eventually, word spread and more and more people wanted to share their stories. Generally, when I meet people, they say, "You can just interview me and you'll have an entire series." The interviews were actually incredible. 

What are the next steps?
People are very into the idea of this web series. We have the support. However, the hard part is raising the money. I'm trying really hard to raise it. My goal is for the project to go viral and to get thousands of people to just donate $1. The Kickstarter closes Tuesday morning. But a few days is all it takes, and I'm going to make this happen.

I have an indie producer, cast, and crew ready to produce the first 7 episodes as a web series. The series is full of heart and A LOT of awkward moments. It's based on 4 characters:
1) Julia-The awkward Jewish girl from suburbia trying to take on the New York dating scene (and making many mistakes along the way). 
2) Jordana-The beautiful fashionista trying to go outside of her comfort zone and date guys that are VERY different from her
3) Gabe-The charming and fun pre-med student. Although the ladies love him, he often just goes for the "low-hanging fruit." 
4) Chace-A gay man who has just come out and is making up for lost time. He is always the life of the party and is loving his new freedom. 

Want to support this project? You only have a few days left, but you can be a part of a great project. Every penny helps! Click the link below to support.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Reality Recap: A Week In Review

This week, a bunch of reality shows hit the airwaves. Some were good and some were not so good.

Virgin Territory: I was really excited for this MTV show, especially given the 11 PM time slot. The premise of the show is following the lives of virgins. I guess in this day and age they're considered a novelty past the age of 16 or something. Anyway, this show was a total disappointment. It was so uninteresting, and I can't imagine how there's going to be more to this show than we saw on the first episode. I think the most interesting part was when a religious girl told us that she's never masturbated but she totally understands if her fiance does.

My feeling on this show: Skip it. Not even worth it. If you want to know what people think about losing their virginity, just think about your own experience or have a gab session with friends. There is no need to watch awkward dates and a religious couple giggle about sex-related words before their wedding.

Dating Naked: This show was surprisingly interesting. While you don't see any naughty bits, you see a lot of people's butts, so if that makes you queasy, don't tune in. Really, this show is the same as any other dating show. Two people go on as contestants. They first went on a date with each other, then they each went on two other dates. At some point, everyone spent time together, and of course, drama ensued. VH1 made a great choice leading the series with the Joe and Wee Wee episode. This is due in part to the fact that the female on the show has a nickname that is also a nickname for pee. But whatever.

The show is a mix of evident fame whoring (Jasmine was clearly looking to get famous) and people legitimately looking for love (Joe and Wee Wee). One thing about the show was that interesting was that it wasn't entirely filled with overly attractive people - some of the people were pretty average. And that's cool, because that is real life. Or maybe most pretty people don't want to get naked on a reality show.

Candidly Nicole: This VH1 show is awesome. Is it a reality show? Not by a long shot. It's a few steps short of a completely scripted series. But it is awesome. Nicole Richie is put in a whole bunch of completely fake situations in which she and her friends say a bunch of scripted, strange things. Candidly Nicole has a whole lot of WTF moments, but in the best possible way. As long as you know it isn't real, you're good...because if it was, that would be pretty tragic.

LeAnn and Eddie: This show reads like a less dramatic Tori Spelling "reality" drama. It succeeds in one way - it makes LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian look human. The tabloids have been doing a great job of making them look like monsters. They don't look quite so bad on here, and you do actually believe that their marriage isn't in as much turmoil as the tabloids want us to think. Oh yeah, and LeAnn can actually still sing. The show made sure we knew that.

There were a few things that were a little too obvious on the show - LeAnn was complaining about how she had one of the worst record deals in the industry (wah wah wah) and Eddie made it very, very, VERY clear that he'll never get back together with ex Brandi Glanville. It's cool. We get it.

Botched: I know this E! show isn't new like the others, but I was told I have to watch it, so I did. This show was definitely not my cup of tea - I don't like watching gruesome medical stuff. However, it was interesting to see Janice Dickinson be her usual strange self as she gave the doctors attitude and removed the drain from her breast after an implant was put in. And it was nice to see a guy who suffered from migraines due to a crooked nose find relief when Dr. Nassif was able to fix it.

The premise of the show is that people have botched cosmetic procedures and they get them fixed while on the show. I have to say - the work done on this show is done very well! And I'm sure the patients get it done cheap or free for allowing their stories to be shown on national TV.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Game of Crowns: My Thoughts

Game of Crowns premiered tonight on Bravo. Unfortunately, like a lot of modern Bravo programming, this show features a bunch of women with a particular interest making friends and being catty.

The most fun part of Game of Crowns is watching the pageants themselves - it's interesting to see the clothing choices and the catty comments the women make. It's also interesting to see how judgmental the woman can be - after one of the show's stars won a regional pageant, another woman commented that it doesn't mean anything until she's competed in a national pageant.

One of the stars of the show, Susanna, said part of her job is "speaking eloquent"...which is kind of funny because the correct wording would be "speaking eloquently" but whatever! She did seem accomplished - she speaks four foreign languages and has a good job.

Lori-Ann was an interesting case - she entered and won Mrs. Connecticut on a whim, and on the show said she now is 'stuck competing at Mrs. America'. New to the pageant world, Lori-Ann seemed unhappy with how everyone wanted to change her from a fitness competition veteran to a pageant star. She seemed insecure, which was interesting for someone with so much onstage experience. I can understand it though - she's way out of her comfort zone.

My rating for the show: B. It's not great by any stretch, but if you need your pageant TV fix, this fills in fine for Toddlers and Tiaras. We get a good look at the backstage drama and responsibilities of a pageant competitor on the Mrs. circuit. If anyone has any thoughts of getting into the Mrs. pageant scene, I think is enough to scare them off...unless they're really brave.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Britney Spears Without Autotune: What Are Your Thoughts?

As you've most likely seen by now, a non-autotuned version of Britney Spears singing Alien has hit the internet. Obviously this was never meant to be heard for obvious reasons, but cut the girl some slack.

Okay, so Britney Spears has had her ups and downs. People have doubted her talent for years, and she's mostly dubbed as an entertainer, not a singer, these days. So when a track of Britney singing her song Alien (click the link to hear a sample on Amazon) came out without autotune, people were all over it, myself included.

It seems like Britney's people are calling this a rehearsal track, and saying that you can't blame the girl for having some pitch issues as she practiced the song. Okay, yeah, I'm down with that. But when I listened to the song, it sounded pretty similar to the raw track, plus the autotune.

Here's the thing though - I wouldn't doubt that Britney's on so many medications at this time that she can barely hear herself sing. She's been through a lot in her life, and I don't doubt at all that she's being kept pretty medicated to keep her 'on track' with her tour and stuff. From what I've read, she just wants to retire but if the money's coming in, she's still working.

And, underneath what sounds like exhaustion and a cold, you can hear parts of the song where Britney can sing. Sure, some parts aren't awesome by a longshot, but some parts are okay. I don't think it's fair to say that Britney could never sing...and maybe because of autotune, she doesn't have to use the talent she does have.

Review of MTV's New Scripted Show, Finding Carter (Episodes 1 & 2)

I gave in to watching a scripted show on MTV. While I'm not typically into the network's scripted series, Finding Carter looked too good to pass up. It turns it out that it really wasn't too good to pass up, but it was actually relatively good.

First, a fun fact: Kathryn Prescott, who plays Carter, has a real life twin, Megan Prescott. Megan does not play her twin on the show.

Okay, here we go. Finding Carter was fun to watch. It was suspenseful but not in a stressful kind of way, and it was interesting to see the characters interact. Kathryn Prescott is very intense onscreen, which is a good fit for her character.

Now, for the issues:

- Carter and her friends were clearly into partying and stuff. Carter didn't seem at all concerned when everyone got arrested, saying they'd get off with a warning. That sounds like someone with experience being arrested. But if Carter had been arrested before, this would have been discovered already.

- Carter didn't seem completely concerned when she was told her mom wasn't her real mom. At first, yeah, but she moved on way more quickly than makes sense. She moved right in with her 'new' family, and although they didn't quite get along, she seemed to kind of take everything at face value.

- In her new room, Carter held a framed picture of her and her mom. So, did Carter get to go back to her old home for her stuff? When did that happen? How did her kidnapper mom know not to be there and what was going on? How did her kidnapper mom just abandon her life like that - did she have a job or anything? Couldn't cops have gotten a lot of info by learning Carter's old address?

- The characters were relatively predictable. Carter's sister, Taylor, is the safe one. Taylor's best friend Gabe likes Carter. Carter's mom is overbearing and is having an affair. Carter's dad seems nice but is harboring a secret (regarding writing Finding Carter, the follow up to Losing Linden, which is Carter's original name...more on the book issue below). Carter's original mom is stone cold - there's no depth! I mean, one scene tries to show some emotion but even that is shallow.

- How convenient is it that Carter shows up right when her dad would have to admit to her mom that he can't write another book and the family's in serious debt? And in one part of the show, he said he told Carter that he agreed not to write his follow up book when they discussed it. But why would that even come up? Was her dad like, "Oh, hey, welcome back daughter, now I can write a book about you coming home?" It seemed a little contrived as a way to lead into the fact that he was lying.

- How was Carter magically put into her old life without serious explanation, counseling, etc? Shouldn't she have been put in some kind of protection until her mom was found, not put out in the open to get a job? How did Carter's little brother's realization about Carter trying to be found have the cops magically show up right when her adoptive mom did?

- Where did all the foam fingers come from in the mall scene? How exactly would a whole food court of people get involved in a prank such as that one? How were the kids so absolutely sure that the cops would crack the code in time and all that stuff?

- Why is Carter's mom not utilizing the internet to reach her? I'm sure she could come up with a fake email address or something and reach out.

The story seemed to twist and turn a lot, and would have benefited by spending more time exploring Carter's emotions and transition to her new life. Instead, it jumped right in and took us down what felt like a water slide of madness.

Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed watching the show. And I plan to keep watching it. It was good! It's just that Finding Carter seems as if a bunch of pivotal scenes were left on the cutting room floor and replaced with unnecessary clutter.

I think the show may smooth out over time. After all, pilot episodes are often a bit rough. I guess we will see.

Want to see what others have to say? Here are some other opinions:

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sister Wives - 7/6/14 - "Missouri...Thats For Misery"

After we heard one of the Brown kids exclaim something about Missouri being misery (I mean, he was losing his spring break), I had to watch tonight's episode of Sister Wives.

So what's in Missouri, anyway? A non-Mormon polygamist family. It seems like this family reached out to the Browns, and the Browns wanted to meet them...which sounds like a reality show match made in heaven.

While Hunter was clearly upset about the trip, Truely was nothing but adorable. I feel like Truely is a breakout star from this show - as much as you can get frustrated with the adults on Sister Wives, Truely can always make you smile.

Before they could go on their "misery" trip, the Browns had a business meeting about My Sister Wives closet. They couldn't get their money as soon as they wanted from the investors, so they were watching their schedule fall further and further behind.

 The family started to have some memories of their last traumatic road trip, but this time they seemed a little more prepared. Kody said his goal is for everyone to have a good attitude and to have a good time. I'm pretty sure that is impossible, given that it's hard to keep two people happy, let alone a family of like, a million people.

Robyn & Kody's niece Mindy came along for the ride. As a driving adult, she seemed like a welcome guest. The adults noted that Mindy would be great because she wouldn't tolerate a bad attitude. And without Mykelti, Aspyn, Logan and Mariah on the trip (who tend to be leaders as the oldest kids, I think), there was risk of the teenagers having bad attitudes and passing that along to the younger ones.

Before the trip began, the adults all started freaking out, which was to be expected. But they were successful and the RVs were able to leave for their trip to Missouri.

When the family stopped Arizona at a corner referenced in a song, they met Tom, the owner of the Arizona 66 Trading Post. He seemed cool - he was very liberal and supportive of the Browns' lifestyle. This was shown as a follow up to Robyn's speech in the confessional about being able to publicly practice polygamy (although her speech was all over the place and hard to follow).

Kody put on some crazy kind of ponytail and worked with the older boys to clean the RV's sewage system. Seriously - if you haven't watched this episode and are just reading this recap, try to watch this part of the episode, if only to see Kody's hair.

Truely's 4th birthday occurred while on the RV. I think we all root for Truely a little bit extra because of the illness she went through. If you've been following Sister Wives, you saw Truely go through a serious illness but recover wonderfully. The family celebrated Truely's birthday at the Route 66 diner, which meant a meal not cooked on the RV. And no clean up! Kody alluded to the fact that the diner was very helpful towards the family, but who can blame them? After this episode airs, their visitation is sure to increase like crazy!

After that, things went less smoothly - it started to snow and due to an issue with the sewage, sewage leaked out all over Kody.

The guys determined they were going to go The Big Texan Steak Ranch and eat a big steak within a given time limit. Before they went, they met a woman who did it, sot he challenge was on. The deal is, if you finish the 72 ounce steak within a time limit, the meal is free. But you also risk getting incredibly sick. Those who accepted the challenge were Hunter, Garrison, Dayton, Madison and Kody. Kody said his heart rate started going crazy once the announcement about the competitors was made, which wasn't helping him eat. Garrison gave up first, even with a half hour to spare, because he didn't want to make himself sick. Dayton stuck it out and had a lot of fun, even though he didn't finish the steak in time.

As expected, the trip got off schedule, and Ysabel goofed around during a prayer session, which led to fighting, with Garrison snapping. Even the other guys called him out in the confessional. Garrison later apologized. The family pulled over for lunch on the side of a hill, and the kids slid down the hill on paper plates. That seemed to alleviate the tension from earlier in the day.

Next episode, the Browns will meet the Richard family. They don't come from a polygamist background, and while they don't do this, they know of polygamist families that share a bedroom. The Browns couldn't even fathom that idea. It should be interested to hear more about the similarities and differences between the cultures of this family and the Browns.