Saturday, June 28, 2014

Some Recent Reality / Non-Reality Updates

In exciting news that's sure to bring more kids into the world, Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard! The 19 Kids and Counting star wore a beautiful dress that while modest enough for her, was still beautiful and totally normal. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and a strong grasp on reality (which can often be missed in ultra-religious families), and she and Derick are sure to have a wonderful life together.

Speaking of babies, a new show, Born in the Wild, will depict moms giving birth naturally, you know, in the wild. Healthy moms who already have kids are eligible, so nobody new at the birthing process or high risk will be allowed to participate. Before you talk about how dangerous that is, don't be concerned - there will be loads of medical professionals on site, so this will actually be safer than some home births.

In scripted news, I watched ABC Family's new sitcom Young and Hungry. It was actually pretty good! It was funny and sarcastic, and definitely not a 'family' show if you've got young kids. If you're a fan of Melissa and Joey, this is a must watch. On the other hand, I didn't even try watching Mystery Girls. I had enough of Tori Spelling when I tried to watch True Tori, and I'm not ready to watch her in a new show. I do like Jennie Garth, but I wasn't willing to give in because the previews looked so bad.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Wanna Marry "Harry" Was An Epic Fail

I Wanna Marry "Harry", the show about a group of twenty-somethings going to England to date a fake Prince Harry, has been pulled from the air because nobody watched it. Okay, I did, but less than 1 million people did this past week, so it's being replaced with re-runs of successful comedies.

RealityTVWorld sums it up pretty well:

On Tuesday night's most recent episode of the reality dating series, less than 1 million viewers reportedly tuned in, which makes I Wanna Marry "Harry" the lowest-rated original series ever on any of the Big Four networks -- Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC.
To be fair, the show followed the same premise as most reality shows - put some girls together, let stuff get catty, have girls magically fall in love with a mystery person they've just met even though the person is probably hooking up with many of them, etc. Also to be fair, I couldn't sit through an entire episode without getting bored. So I guess that's why the show failed - it really wasn't good.

At least the women got their little slice of fame, and if we really want to know who wins the fake prince's heart, the episodes will be on On Demand, Hulu and other places.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kody Brown Doesn't Understand Science

Tonight's episode of Sister Wives gave us a clear picture of why religion and science sometimes do not mix.

Kody sat down with daughter Mykelti and her boyfriend John to explain why they shouldn't kiss. His general reasoning was okay - don't make a mistake and believe a relationship is true love because that can lead to heartbreak. However, the rest of his speech was very strange.

His first interesting statement was that when someone kisses another person, the hormones go into the other person's mouth. are now transmitted via kissing? I'm not exactly sure about that one. Kody said he's read enough about science to back him up, so I guess he's reading some very inaccurate scientific materials.

Secondly, he said something about not sowing your wild oats, which Mykelti translated to mean that if she kisses her boyfriend, she's stealing a kiss from her future husband. Riiiiight. I'm not quite sold on this theory either. But then again, I don't really understand religion in many cases, so, yeah. If you kiss someone now, it's not stealing a kiss from someone in the future. I'm just saying. And besides, in the opening credits, Kody says, "love should be multiplied, not divided". So, he can love multiple women at once, but Mykelti can't experience love unless she marries the guy? Lots of people experience heartbreak during their lives, and it can make you stronger. Kissing - and loving - someone does not detract from future relationships.

Religion vs. can be a dangerous thing.