Thursday, May 29, 2014

Random News From The Week

Did anyone watch Catfish last night? That episode was craaaazy. It was about a guy who went by the alias of Kidd Cole and scammed people out of bunches of money by pretending he's in the music industry. He claimed songs that weren't his were, told people to hire him limos and stuff in order to earn a job at his record label and asked people if he could use their credit cards because his wallet was stolen. When confronted, he kept lying, like having his new friend rent a recording studio and claiming he lived there and it was his, and continuing to claim that he works with big name artists. The truth is that he's insecure and was once told that he'd never amount to anything, so he created this whole fake life. It was for sure one of the strangest episodes of Catfish and the most disturbing because the guy clearly learning nothing. He refused a post-show interview and according to the girl being Catfished, he continued to lie after the show aired. Hopefully anyone he tries to Catfish watches the show and he never gets away with it again.

Juicy Couture has fallen from grace. That's right, the company that brought us the overpriced track suit is shuttering its stores and - get this - has signed a deal to sell its clothing at Kohl's. KOHL'S. That's a huge drop from the upscale markets it targeted in the past. Don't get me wrong - I think this is a smart move on JC's part - many brands decline over time, and I don't think Juicy is anywhere as popular as it used to be. My real question is what the tracksuits and other apparel will cost when they hit the Kohl's shelves. I guess the price will have to decline, although I don't think the quality will have to because it wasn't that great to begin with. (And I can say that from experience because I used to own a whole bunch of Juicy apparel.)

I Wanna Marry Harry continued this week and it was actually fun to watch, but in a way that makes me not really want to watch it. Why? Because it portrays images of women being dumb, mean and having too much to drink. I understand that the goal of these reality shows isn't to portray women in a positive light, but many of these women aren't exactly doing the gender justice. Be strong, be kind and make yourself a positive role model for others...don't talk on national TV about how one of the girls is trying to separate the pretty girls from the ugly ones.

Cody Simpson graduated as valedictorian of his high school class. He made some comment about how intelligence is sexy, but let's be real, Cody knows that his intelligence isn't what made him a star. If it was, I don't think Justin Bieber would be anywhere near as famous as his is.

Scout Willis decided to walk around NYC topless, where it's legal, to protest Instragram prohibiting boob pictures from appearing on their website. It seems to be in support of breast cancer survivors who want to share their stories, but it also looks like a bit of a publicity stunt.

Lynne Curtain from The Real Housewives of Orange County revealed that her daughters are both in the porn industry in some capacity. This is not surprising. End scene.

That's all that's on my radar for now. Hopefully some interesting reality news will occur shortly so I can feel inspired to write about it.

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