Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Wanna Marry Harry: A Show That Made American Girls Think They Can Be British Royalty

Tonight was the premiere of I Wanna Marry Harry, which is Fox's answer to needing a creative new dating show. On the show, American girls are flown to Britain and told that they're dating Prince Harry, but are actually dating (gasp) a commoner who just looks like the prince.

The goal of the show is that fake Harry wants to find love. His goal is that the girls will fall in love with "Harry," but remain in love with him once they find out the truth.

So while you're wondering how 12 American girls would believe that they were on their way to meet Prince Harry, stop - they didn't go into this knowing they'd be meeting "Harry". They went into it knowing they'd meet a British guy of some sort...but not necessarily Harry.

Cue Matt Hicks. He is single and poor...but he's a nice guy. And he looks a heck of a lot like Prince Harry. So FOX brought

Maggie, 24, was introduced to us first (and I think she looks a little like Kendra Wilkinson). She, like the others, wondered who the mystery man they'd be dating would be. Leah, 24, who looks a little like Tori Spelling, was next. Karina, 25, followed. She just got her doctorate in physical therapy. Meghan, 25, let us know that she's the package deal and she thinks some of the others don't have anything. Cue the cattiness.

Kimberly, 23, was introduced after the commercial break. The girls had tea, and one commented that her tea at home was happy hour. Classy, classy. Although I bet that's fun! Next up, we met Kelley, 24, a southern belle. Chelsea, 21, was next, and she made it clear that she wants a rich guy.

The girls noticed that security guards were watching them, and a helicopter came into sight. The girls realized the helicopter would be dropping off their mystery man. Then one of the girls made a startling realization - their mystery man was Prince Harry. Another girl said she wouldn't know what Harry looked like, and Jacqueline, 25, was sure it couldn't be him. Jacqueline later said she's awesome but can also be a b*tch.

The camera went to Matt, whose caption was labeled "Not Really Prince Harry", who admitted that he's feeling excited and nervous. Andrea, 25, introduced herself and said she hasn't had much luck with guys.

Anna Lisa, 23, was introduced, and she said her occupation is "Miss Los Angeles." She, amongst many others, definitely don't have self esteem issues - they all said they're not nervous because they know how great they are.

Carley, 24, said she doesn't know what Prince Harry's looking for, but she's intelligent so that sets her apart.  She may be smart, but the logic may not be there if she's convinced this guy is really Prince Harry. Then again, reality show situations do twist people's minds, so I can't be entirely judgmental. They did surround the girls with servants and flashy decor.

The girls were rounded up to hear an announcement. They were told that they'd be going to a masquerade ball where they'd meet the still unnamed "sir". They were told that one lucky lady would be selected to spend some alone time with him. Rose, 22, hoped she had what it took to be with a guy of the stature of the mystery man, and then we were informed that one girl would be leaving that night.

The girls were told that "sir" had arranged some presents for them. They ran into another room where clothes for the ball were waiting for them. Kimberly seemed sad - she said a guy's never bought her a dress before, and all she wants is a guy that's good for her...regardless of whether he's Prince Harry or not.

When asked his name, Matt didn't want to lie outright, so he made comments that kind of eluded the question. The girls bombarded him with questions, and he struggled because he's not good under pressure.

Matt waltzed with the girls as they talked. I wonder if they were given dance lessons before this scene was filmed. Actually, they must have because Leah said she was trying to count "one, two, three" as they danced.

Matt pulled Rose aside for some one-on-one time. She spoke very loudly, and Matt noted that American girls are really forward. Some girls said Maggie drinks too much. Matt said Kim is a little ray of sunshine and Meghan is stunning.

At midnight, it was time for Matt and the girls to remove their masks. Matt said all of the women were beautiful and way out of his league. Matt removed his mask last, and the girls seemed to be convinced that he was, in fact, Prince Harry. However, Matt said he heard a few hushed comments so he wasn't sure everyone believed him.

To spend the first bit of time in the Crown Suite with him, Matt chose Rose, even though he told her she's a bit loud and brazen. On the flip side, he eliminated Leah because she didn't look like she was having fun. To do this, he sent Leah to the drawing room and Rose to the library, which was a pretty tricky way to do it...and get good camera shots of happiness and despair. While this went on, the girls talked about how they liked Leah for being genuine...and then they realized she'd been eliminated. Still, they cheered for Rose, even though Meghan later trashed her for being fake. And Andrea said she doesn't think Rose is right for Harry. Rose realized the girls weren't being genuine, but she was ready to fight.

On the next episode, Rose tried to learn more about the mystery man and things got cattier. Oh, goodness.

My thoughts on this show? It's alright. Not particularly original once it got started, but fun as a brainless, popcorn kind of show. Worth watching, but only if you've got time to waste.

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