Sunday, May 18, 2014

As If The Tori and Dean Saga Wasn't Bad Enough...

Okay, so Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling with some chick named Emily Goodhand, who went to the press to brag about her exploits. Then Tori magically makes a TV show out of it. Later we hear that Emily Goodhand might not be real and the whole thing was a publicity stunt. And now, we hear that Tori's not as innocent as she may seem.

Dlisted tells us that at a party several years ago, Dean McDermott offered up Tori Spelling to a friend in an intimate way. And Tori was all about it. Unfortunately, the friend was not and fled the event.

So what does this tell us? I believe I've read rumors that Dean was allowed to 'cheat' as long as it was kept quiet, but don't quote me on that - I could be recalling a story about Robin Thicke or something. Either way, this shows that Tori's not so innocent, either. Sure, maybe Dean has been sleeping around for years - but she could have been too.

One thing's for sure - this family is pretty screwed up. Then again, much like the Eddie Cibrian / LeeAnn Rimes story, Tori and Dean met while cheating on their significant others, right? So what did we really expect?

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