Tuesday, April 22, 2014

True Tori: Season Premiere

True Tori has hit the airwaves on the Lifetime network. It begins with Tori getting ready to pick up Dean from his stint in rehab for sex addiction. Filming began April 1st and the show premiered on April 22. This woman has a story to tell, and I think the plan is to make her look good and make Dean look bad. The next part of the episode flashed back to when Dean was in rehab, but not yet ready to leave.

Tori Spelling opened the episode by saying that she and Dean have been married for seven years and she doesn't know how to feel about bringing him back from rehab - she misses him but of course feels betrayed. She said she felt like they had a fairy tale life and it all got ruined in a moment. Keep in mind that Tori and Dean met while cheating on their spouses, but I guess she thought that he wouldn't cheat on her.

When Tori confronted Dean about his cheating, he denied it, but she could tell from his body language that he was lying. Tori told him the mistress' name (she'd learned it from her publicist), and Dean admitted seeing Emily, but said they'd just kissed. Tori, again, knew this was a lie. And that a week after that discussion, Emily's story would hit a tabloid. Eventually, Dean told Tori the whole story. She didn't want to cry because that would show how hurt she was. Dean immediately went into treatment for his problem.

Tori told the camera that she knows Dean is the love of her life, but he also broke her heart.

The next section of the show featured Tori meeting with some friends. Nothing of consequence occurred until Tori received a text from Dean stating that he's having trouble looking at someone whose name we don't learn. Tori and her friends tried to figure out what it meant. Tori said there's no way Dean can have sex with someone while in rehab, but her friends insisted that she's too trusting.

Later, we got more details - the text was meant for someone else. It seemed innocent enough, in Tori's mind, but she's on high alert.

Tori went to visit Dean, who didn't look like he was doing too well. We found out that Dean was suffering from things like depression and addiction, and had created an alter ego for himself named Deano. Dean said he was done lying, and admitted that he cheated and lied to Tori. Tori and Dean discussed the patterns Dean has had throughout their marriage that bothered Tori, showing us that their 'perfect' marriage was all a facade. Still, Dean said that he missed his family and wanted to come home. They talked on and on for a while, and it kind of droned until I couldn't pay attention any longer.

After talking about hurt she was, Tori said she had to go and pick up her kids. Tori was conflicted - she wanted Dean to come home to help her with the kids, but she didn't feel they were ready to be together again.

Tori talked to her friends about her meeting with Dean, and they all seemed to agree that he did her wrong. Tori said she felt stuck and she doesn't know what to do - she doesn't want to raise four kids alone. Some tears were shed, and Tori told the confessional how she'd allowed herself to love Dean unconditionally, but the future is in question.

My verdict on True Tori is that it's not that interesting. We do get to see raw emotion, but the show is full of fillers and is basically a sob story for Tori Spelling. I can't imagine that it'll get better as the season progresses.

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