Thursday, April 17, 2014

Karma's a B****, or Maybe It's Just Tori Spelling (Although Both Are Justified)

You know how Tori Spelling got a reality show shortly after word got out that her husband was cheating on her? Apparently her intentions weren't clean. Not that we ever thought that they were, or that the cheating is surprising given that Tori and Dean met while cheating on their significant others, but whatever.

The Lifetime show will air only three weeks after taping began, which shows that Tori Spelling is trying to get the word out there about what she's going through. Her goal is to make Dean McDermott suffer the humiliation that she did.

The show will detail McDermott's return to the couple's home after his return from rehab for sex addiction. And Tori knows that Dean will have to be on his best behavior the whole time if she doesn't want to lose his wife, or technically, his meal ticket. Tori doesn't consider the pair reconciled, and I bet she's hoping that Dean's bad side will be portrayed on this show while she comes out looking amazing. We'll see if that actually happens. I'm sure producers will make it that way, no matter what the reality is.

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