Friday, April 18, 2014

FOX Has Done It Again: I Wanna Marry Harry

Prince Harry can have his choice of women. And judging from the partying we've seen from him, he takes advantage of his opportunities. But that's kept as quiet as possible because the royal family has an image to protect.

So when FOX, an American network, presented the idea of Prince Harry being on a reality show, people should have really thought twice about it being real. I guess the idea of marrying a prince and being famous tends to cloud people's judgment.

So, here's the premise of the show, at least from what I can see in the promo. Some American girls meet "Prince Harry" and compete for his love. And if the clips portray what I think they're supposed to portray, some of the girls are pretty devastated when they find out that they're dating some random guy, not a royal prince. Although one does make a good quote, saying something like, "Prince Harry, Harry Potter, it doesn't matter!"

My point is this - why would Prince Harry find a woman to marry on a reality show? In what world would the royal family allow it? And, if Prince Harry were to marry a woman he met on TV, why would he only choose American girls and film the show for an American network? The whole thing is too good to be true...and these girls must have signed some kind of contract that gave at least a little indication that things may not be what they seem.

The promo video is below. You can make your own judgment, but it seems to me that these girls believe that they're actually dating Prince Harry.

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