Sunday, March 16, 2014

We Are Enabling the Kardashians and Their Ridiculously Expensive Travel By Buying Travel Plans With Their Names On Them

There is a kardinal rule for the Kardashian klan - keep your name on everything.

So now, not only can you dress like a Kardashian, diet like a Kardashian, and spend hours staring at the lifestyle of Kardashians, now you can travel like them too. Well, sort of.

Kris Jenner and crew will soon unveil their latest money making scheme - I mean, endeavor. Per Naughty But Nice Rob:
According to the source, a major travel company approached the “Kardashian Mob Boss” Kris with the proposal and she has now had all of the family signed on (with hefty paychecks for the rights to use their names).

So, let me see...the Kardashians have to tell a travel company where they like to go, people will take the trips that have pretty much nothing to do with the Kardashians at all, and Kris and the family will take in hefty royalty checks? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me...and looks like another way to do what Mama Jenner does best - show off how much money her family has in the bank. (Vacations that Kardashians take don't come cheap...or even if they do, we'll never get to know it.)

The part I find funniest about this is that the Kim and Kanye package will be the most expensive. So, does that mean Kris is ranking the value of each of her money makers (family members) based on their estimated income and travel budgets?

While I don't have a ton of nice things to say about the Kardashians, you have to admit this is a pretty sweet deal for them. They get to approve or deny the travel packages with their names on them, they make a ton of cash, and then they pretty much do nothing...except for maybe take a vacation to somewhere other than the destination in which they've claimed is their favorite.

Want to somehow associate yourself with Kardashians without spending a ton of money on travel? Here are some other exciting (haha) options to make yourself feel connected with the reality TV family:


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