Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Five Wives: My Thoughts and a Sister Wives vs. My Five Wives Rap

My Five Wives premiered tonight on TLC. It is my opinion that the Williams family is being brought to the network to replace the now stale Sister Wives show.

In case you forgot from the preview episode of My Five Wives we saw way back when, the Williams family is comprised of husband Brady, wives Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda and all of their kids. If I recall the preview episode correctly, we met them as a family that functions well, gets along and respects each others' wishes. And that was true again in tonight's episode. The family found being on TV liberating, by the way. So good for them!

The show was good. I liked the dramatic beginning where it looked like Brady was dreaming, waking up with each of his wives one at a time. He has five wives, five homes, and 24 kids. (Note that each wife has her own space - that's a great way to keep the peace - give each woman her own identity and home. Technically, Rhonda and Nonie share a home and Paulie, Robyn, and Rosemary share one as well, but they all have their own space, save for shared laundry rooms.)

Paulie is Brady's first wife of 22 years and she has six kids with him.
Robyn, married to Brady for 21 years, is the second wife. They have five kids. Robyn's mom lived the polygamist lifestyle, so she's not surprised by the struggles of this family structure.
Rosemary and Brady, married 19 years, have four kids.
Nonie and Brady have five kids and have been been married for 16 years.
Rhonda, the fifth wife, and Brady have four kids. She and Brady had dated when they were young but they married much later. She was raised with the belief that you don't tell anyone about being polygamist for legal reasons.

Brady has a construction business with his brother, and they have to be successful - Brady's family's grocery bill is over $4,000 a month! So not only Brady supporting a large family, but he's working - and he's going to college. That guy must not sleep much!

Something notable about the family is that they seem to get along pretty well a lot of the time - they can all genuinely laugh together, which is something we don't see much on Sister Wives. And this has a lot to do with Brady - he seems to genuinely want his wives to get along and be successful as a unit. While the wives do have their issues, they were willing to discuss them at Brady's request...and that goes a long way. Sure, not all discussions are successful (as we see on this episode), but at least they try to work things out. Notably, after this episode's unsuccessful talk, Brady tried to step in and help...which may not have quite worked, but at least he gave it a try. He also realized that the safe talks may not be a great idea, and he was willing to rethink the idea, rather than being stubborn and refusing to change.

The family discussed moving because they'd left their church, but still live in an area where residents are church members. That makes the Williams family unwanted in their town. This discussion took place on the show during a family meeting, and you could practically see the tension. However, the wives seem to realize the benefits of sharing meetings and discussing their concerns.

So, not to leave you hanging, here's my (very bad) My Five Wives vs. Sister Wives rap. Think the kind of rap that was like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song - not real rap, just friendly, lightweight, not very good old school rap.

Sister Wives vs. My Five Wives Rap

There once was a plyg guy named Kody Brown
He was happy on TV until a new fam came around
See Kody and the Williams', they could have been friends
But even if they tried it would soon come to an end
Because Brady and his wives will be the popular ones
And Kody and his four wives and the network? Done.
So Sister Wives ain’t cancelled from TLC today
But it feels like Brady Williams will send them away
I kind of get that feeling cuz the wives have run their course
And if Kody doesn’t watch out they’ll be airing a divorce
What we like about the Williams' is they seem to get along
When these days the Brown family seems to be getting it wrong
Like when Robyn said to Meri she can’t leave to find herself
Cuz Robyn helped to raise Mariah so Meri must stay and help (what?)
Don’t get me wrong here, the Brown kids are a fun bunch
But the adults are less endearing and I have a hunch
That TLC wants to keep ratings that the Sister Wives can’t bring
So the Williams were brought on…this should be interesting.

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