Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Farrah Abraham's Song is 'Blowing' Me Away...Because it is SO AWFUL.

Just when you thought you'd seen everything from Farrah Abraham (a porno, a Christian parenting book, a stint as a single person on Couples Therapy, etc.), Farrah is back with more. And this time, it's just...awful.

She's got this new song called "Blowin" and it blows. Below, I've listed the lyrics with my commentary in italics. Note that this song is written by Farrah, which is pretty evident, because no self respecting songwriter would piece this together. Oh yeah, and I've embedded the video below - you can't hear any of the lyrics, which is probably done on purpose and with the help of a lot of autotune.

Grammatical errors are not mine; Farrah's lyrics are taken from YouTube.

Let me get that air
That breeze
The wind I need ,
Im blowin (I'm blowin)
All these bullies away

For a girl who doesn't want to be associated with her porn video, Farrah Abraham sure throws around the word "blowin" pretty freely. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the word, but she certainly makes an association with it. So anyway, she's asking for some air so she can huff and puff and blow her bullies away. Alright, that's cool. You could stop fame whoring so much and being fake, but blowing people away works too.

Celeburty -Celeburty -Celeburty
Being yourself is makin you famous

WTF is a celeburty? Okay, I know it's supposed to be celebrity with a slight pronunciation flaw, but...why? Also, my issue with this part of the song is that the first part is in the first person - I'm blowin, etc. This part is about "you", so Farrah is switching the point of view on this. Is she talking to us? Is being ourselves making us famous? Because I'm certainly not.

Live and learn
Be better then normal
Make those mistakes
Your blowin ( your blowin) all their minds away
(Appearance, Sexuality, Ability)

So are you telling us you're better than us because we're normals? Lovely. And how are WE blowing THEIR minds away now? I thought Farrah (I) was blowing people away. Also, again, if Farrah does not want to be associated with her porno, she should stop using the words 'blowin' and 'sexuality' in such close proximity.

 Casted out
Now your standin out
Like a star
Be true to you
Topin all the charts

I can understand topping the charts, but toping them? You know you posted this on YouTube without spell check, right? I don't even really get what Farrah's point is here - this is a series of disjointed thoughts. Casted out, now you're standing out - one phrase. Now, where does 'like a star' go? With the standing out? Or is it saying like a star, be true to you? Because many stars are far less than true to themselves when they go in search of fame and fortune. Thirdly, what charts is Farrah topping? The top sales for a porn video charts? Top Google searches to see her porn movie?

 All these ups
And downs
With the best
Support around
(Following, Friend requestin, Fan pages)
Bein a star
Is better then
Not knowin (not knowin)
Who your are

Let the hate stack up
Positivity push through
Being you (Bein You)
Take your time,
(Have the last laugh)
It's your time

I couldn't stand to dissect too much more of this so I'm taking on these two sections as one. First of all, "who your are" is not correct. Secondly, if she has the best support around, then why is she so concerned about people hating on her? I have to agree on one point: being a star IS better than not knowing who you are. That being said, the two things are not mutually exclusive. You can be a star, and in fact, know who you are, or not be a star and know who you are, or not be a star and not know who you are. As for the second paragraph, go ahead and have what you think is the last laugh...but writing this song isn't helping that happen.

Being ourselves made us famous

Who are these people she's referring to? And first this song was saying "I", then "you", and now "us"? Who are these people, other than Farrah? Her multiple personalities? (I mean, the Christian mother and porn star can't really be the same person, can they?) Anyway, being myself did not make me famous. So, no, Farrah, being ourselves did not make us famous. Just you. And I don't think anyone really thinks you know who you really are behind all the plastic surgery and plastic personality traits.

So, that's my assessment of this song. Now listen to the autotuned mess and judge for yourself.

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