Thursday, March 6, 2014

Couples Therapy Season Finale - 3/6/14

We have made it through another season of Couples Therapy, and tonight we saw the story close out.

First, we learned that Kelsey has never masturbated. I don't have a whole lot more to say about that.

Taylor's daughter Kennedy came to visit the house, accompanied by nanny Ashleigh. The reason for this is because once Taylor and John are married, they'll have to co-parent. John didn't seem to have a very high opinion of Kennedy - he said she tries to press Taylor's buttons, among other things. He's right, but still. John and Taylor took Kennedy out for a meal, and the goal of this meal was to get Taylor to learn how to discipline Kennedy. It didn't seem to work well at first. because Kennedy refused to choose a meal, but everyone looked happy after the meal, so I guess things went okay.

John and Taylor talked to Whitney after the meal, and they discussed the trouble of John not wanting to step in right away as a disciplinarian and Taylor's inability to be tough with Kennedy. John and Taylor next talked to Dr. Jenn. Dr. Jenn said that they have to set expectations, and also set aside playtime with Kennedy every day. Dr. Jenn said Taylor's parenting can set Kennedy up to be anxious, and that concerned Taylor.

Apparently Liz did have more to say about Kelsey's lack of masturbation, so she and Jon gave Kelsey a vibrator. Kelsey said maybe she'd give it a try.

Farrah met with Dr. Jenn to talk about the date she went on with a guy named Ryan, a guy whose profile she chose on a dating site. They watched the video of the date. Dr. Jenn complimented Farrah on some of her actions, although everything Farrah said seemed really fake. And when Farrah watched herself, she smiled, but when she saw Ryan say something that displeased her, she just looked horrified. Not that I can blame her at some points, because Ryan cursed up a storm during part of the date, talked about f***** b****es and working at Playboy.

Farrah accused Ryan of being fake and secretly laughing at her. Which may be hypocritical, but it doesn't make it right. Dr. Jenn said this date was representative of how Farrah handles relationships - she tries too hard and stays too long. To attract a guy, Dr. Jenn said Farrah has to show who she actually is and be honest about how she feels.

Ghostface and Kelsey talked, and Kelsey said she wants to find a way to forgive him. Kelsey talked about how she felt upset about Ghost dating her and someone else, and Ghost refused to take blame - he told her she did it to herself. Ghost continued to put blame on Kelsey, then said he forgives her. Kelsey asked why, and he said for putting him through all of this. Um, what? Ghost clearly went to the house voluntarily. Reluctantly, yes. But also voluntarily. He didn't have to do. And he didn't have to lie to Kelsey and Latrice by not telling each of them about the other.

Dr. Jenn met with Ghost and Kelsey to help them move past their breakup. Ghost said he wants to carry on the friendship they've had. Dr. Jenn said it's not ideal - a couple shouldn't have a friendship for a year after they break up. Kelsey seemed to agree with Dr. Jenn - she said they need time apart but should catch up on holidays.

Whitney and Sada discussed how they're glad they went on Couples Therapy. It was nice to see them getting along so well.

Jon went to buy Liz a gift to represent a turning point in their relationship after Couples Therapy. It was a ring, which he presented to Liz after a touching speech. After she opened it, Jon said it was a promise ring...which he probably should have said before giving her the ring. Fortunately, Liz seemed to be okay with her non-engagement ring.

On the last evening, everyone took a steamboat trip together. On the boat, Dr. Jenn toasted everyone and complimented their progress. She then gave everyone the opportunity to toast to their partners and to themselves. Kelsey toasted a friendship with Ghost in the future. Ghost asked for forgiveness and thanked Kelsey for her friendship. Farrah said she was happy to have found the strength to better herself. She almost sounded sincere. Jon toasted to being part of Liz's life. Liz toasted to being thankful for the journey she shared with Jon at Couples Therapy. Sada said she's grateful for Whitney every day. Whitney said she and Sada are committed to having the best relationship they can. Taylor said she didn't want John to marry someone who hadn't moved past their issues, essentially saying that she now has. John said he wanted to end this with something cool, so he gave Taylor adoption papers so he can adopt Kennedy.

And that was it. I think every person on the show will end up better from the experience, even Farrah, although as we've seen from her recent news headlines that she's still living in the clouds and insisting her porn video was a sex tape. Hopefully she at least learned something, and she and everyone else can move forward and be better because of it.

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