Sunday, February 16, 2014

Want To Name Your Kid Something Crazy? Don't Move to Sonora, Mexico.

Officials in Sonora, Mexico have created a list of names that parents will no longer be allowed to name their kids. The list is based on names that have been given to actual kids, so...yeah. This stuff happens.

61 names have been banned so far, and they include:
- Facebook
- Lady Di
- Rambo
- Circumcision (the Spanish equivalent)
- Martian (the Spanish equivalent)
- Juan Panties

Say what? Juan Panties? Yeah, that's probably not the best name out there.

The goal of this law is to ensure that kids aren't bullied because of their names. And while I do believe in the freedom to name your child as you please, I can definitely respect limitations. I mean, can you really imagine student body president Circumcision Jones? Or writing Facebook Smith on a party invitation? I think you can get creative enough with names without naming your kid after a social media site that may not even be popular by the time the kid grows up. A kid named Friendster would just be confusing these days!

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