Thursday, February 20, 2014

Super Fun Night: The Night Is Probably Over...And I Mostly Like the Outcome

Okay, I know this is a reality TV blog, but I had to address the fact that Super Fun Night had what is probably its last show ever last night. As of now, it hasn't been officially cancelled or renewed, but I'm fairly sure it's not going to be joining us for a sophomore season.

Below are my thoughts on the show. If you haven't seen the final episode, I suggest you stop reading now.

I have to say, I enjoyed watching Super Fun Night. Rebel Wilson, the mastermind behind and star of the show, is incredibly entertaining. Her character, Kimmie Boubier, broke all the rules of being a young, successful lawyer, from using unicorn notebooks to dressing in a way that's too extravagant for the average workplace.

I think, though, the real star of the show was Lauren Ash's portrayal of Marika. I was so happy to see Marika find herself towards the end of the season. We all knew that Marika was a lesbian all along, and for her to finally admit and be open about it was nothing short of awesome. Beyond that, Ash's portrayal of Marika was great - she has these absolutely clueless moments which were hilarious to watch.

My main criticism of the show was the fact that Kendall seemed to flip flop between personalities. Sometimes she was a cold hearted you-know-what. At other times she softened. She liked Kimmie, hated Kimmie, pushed Kimmie away, made friends with Kimmie's friends - she showed a lot of personality change, but not consistently. I guess this was the way of getting us to like and hate Kendall alternately (as she is the villain of the show) but it got downright confusing after a while.

The final episode of Super Fun Night wrapped things up nicely, which makes me happy that the show probably won't come back for a second season. Why? Because even though I enjoyed the show, the season ended in a very clean way. No cliffhangers, no question, nothing. Everything's very settled, and to bring the show back, they'd have to shake things up. Sometimes it's nice just to have the happy ending.

So what exactly went down in the final episode?

- Helen Alice finally did the deed with her 'boyfriend', which landed him in the hospital because he's allergic to her.

- Marika came out to Kimmie and Helen Alice, then brought her girlfriend to their home, in which she said she lives in a closet. That was pretty funny.

- Kimmie, after telling James that she kissed Richard (against Kendall's advice), ends up losing James but went back to him in the end. This was the only disappointing part of the series for me - I wanted her to end up with Richard. Although I did like that Kimmie described James as having cupcake qualities - very creative! Anyway, although I wanted Kimmie to end up with Richard, that would close a possible storyline if the show does come back for a second round.

- Kendall, after losing a promotion to Richard (whose father, played by Charles Shaughnessy, gave him the promotion) decided to resign, even though she said being a rich white woman with lots of contacts would make getting a job very difficult. (This was great - nice use of dry humor.) However, when she gave in her papers, Charles Shaughnessy's character said he was going to make her partner. She gratefully rescinded her resignation.

- Having been given the promotion, Richard headed off to Berlin - which he found out pretty much immediately before he had to go. Kimmie met him at the airport, presumably to tell him she loved him and not to go, but she didn't - she let him leave.

The episode ended with an awesome musical number that had nothing to do with the show, but did provide an epic ending.

I will miss this show, but I think it's best that it doesn't come back. I would hate to see the show come back and lose its comedic value. (And let's face it, it wavered - I mean, cookie prom episode?) So for now I say farewell, Super Fun Night. It was great getting to know you.

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