Thursday, February 6, 2014

Couples Therapy 2/6/14

The episode opened up with Kelsey reeling about Ghostface Killah secretly using her as a side piece. Dr. Mike talked to Kelsey about her feelings. Kelsey admitted that she loves Ghost but wishes she didn't. Dr. Mike told Kelsey she's going to have to make a decision on their future. Dr. Mike said either Ghost has to decide to be with Kelsey, or Kelsey would have to decide that he's not the type of man she should be with. Dr. Mike said that Kelsey should have some hope because Ghost did go on the show...although I'm not sure that Kelsey should stay with Ghost at all after all this.

Sarah Michael Novia, a resident counselor, sat down with Farrah. She spouted out some info about not trying to please people in the house because they don't care about her. So basically, instead of trying, she retreats. Very healthy. (Sarcasm.)

Some of the houseguests sat outside and talked about Farrah. They said she doesn't know who she is, and when she opens her mouth, words just spew out. As Dr. Jenn noted, the others don't have empathy for Farrah - but she does.

Dr. Jenn sat down with Farrah. Farrah said she feels like she has a lot of work to do on herself. Dr. Jenn wanted to talk about the sex tape and how it makes Farrah feel like a social leper. Farrah got angry and lashed out - she said it's just her having sex, and if someone holds it against her, she hates it. Dr. Jenn said she suspects sadness underneath Farrah's anger. Farrah chimed in saying that she's tired of considering all of the things she could have done differently. Dr. Jenn said she thinks something's holding Farrah back. Farrah said she signed herself away in a contract (I guess the sex tape agreement?) that she can't talk about. She said she wished she could explain more but she can't because of the contract. Dr. Jenn suggested that she and Farrah take off their microphones and talk privately off camera. Dr. Jenn took off the microphones and kicked all the camera guys out...and we went to commercial.

When we came back from the commercial (the day after Farrah's private session), the group went to therapy. Dr. Jenn said that she'd never be able to look at Farrah the same way after hearing her story. Dr. Jenn talked about how secrets become a wall between someone and those around them. At this session, they'd talk about secrets, and Farrah went first. Dr. Jenn spoke first about her, and said that some people think that Farrah hasn't been completely authentic with things, including her sex tape. Dr. Jenn said that she now has a lot of respect for Farrah's strength, and that she'd share information with the group if she could. John interjected, saying that he has been unable to connect with Farrah and he thinks she lives in a bubble and doesn't listen to anyone. Whitney said Farrah's been untruthful from day one, not just in terms of the sex tape. Farrah got emotional and reiterated that she can't discuss the sex tape issue.

Farrah replied with angry apologies for what people thought of her. Taylor jumped in saying that she initially thought she could mentor Farrah, but then she felt as if Farrah hasn't being open. Taylor said that clears up things for her. Sada offered an apology for judging Farrah because she thought she was lying.

Ghost and Kelsey were put on the spot next. Ghost said that his secret wasn't really a secret - he and Kelsey had never discussed who else they were seeing. (I think lying by omission counts as lying in this case...just saying.) Kelsey said she should have demanded the truth from Ghost because she was able to ignore Ghost's infidelity - she'd tried to hear what she wanted to hear. Taylor asked Kelsey if she wished she could go back and not know that Ghost is seeing someone else. Kelsey said that was a tough choice. Sada tried to talk to Ghost and he got defensive and told her that she'd never understand men because she's a woman. He also said that men want to (indulge in sexual acts) with anything and she'd never understand. Dr. Jenn said while what Ghost is saying may be true, we have choices to make, and he has to make certain choices to be in a relationship.

In the confessional, Farrah said she's happy to progressing in therapy. She talked to Ghost after having this revelation, and he noted that Farrah's not as dumb as people think she is.

Dr. Jenn reached out to Ghost's other woman, Letrice, who agreed to come on the show. (Letrice, by the way, did not know about Kelsey before this situation.) Dr. Jenn told Ghost that she hopes this experience helps him be more honest with women.

Kelsey, Ghost and Letrice sat down with Dr. Jenn. It turns out that Letrice, like Kelsey, believed that she was in a monogamous relationship with Ghost. Letrice asked Ghost why she had to come on this show to find out. Letrice asked Ghost if he's in love with Kelsey. He said he has love for her but isn't in love with her. Kelsey said that if she's known Ghost was involved with someone, she wouldn't have let her heart get involved. Ghost's defense is that Kelsey knew who he was when she got involved. This turned into a yelling match. Dr. Jenn quieted everyone down, then yelled at Ghost for being so disrespectful towards Kelsey. Kelsey cried but had a revelation - she now knows who Ghost really is. Ghost did nothing but talk over her. Letrice stayed very quiet, and Kelsey walked out of the room. And with that, the episode ended.

Next week, we'll hear Kelsey talk to Letrice, and the group will critique Liz's treatment of Jon.

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