Friday, February 7, 2014

Another Sex Tape - Is This Farrah's Big Secret?

If you watched last night's episode of Couples Therapy (2/6/14), you saw Farrah Abraham break down about how her sex tape is ruining her life and contractually, she can't talk about it. Because the sex tape has already been released and followed up with a line of sex toys, I couldn't figure out what Farrah could be hiding.

Until now...maybe.

It turns out that Vivid Entertainment will be releasing a second sex tape of the Backdoor Teen Mom. Per Crazy Days and Nights, who reported out on this new sex tape, Vivid claims this is a whole new movie, but also talk this featuring new footage. So, here's my thought: Farrah signed some kind of contract with Vivid. When she filmed her first porn - I mean 'sex tape' as she calls it, she thought this would bring her positive fame and new fans. When it backfired, she cried her eyes out because:

- She contractually couldn't tell the world that more movies would be coming out because that would kill the 'authenticity of her sex tape excuse.
- She realized that the sex tape did not bring in the kind of money she wanted.
- She realized the sex tape did not bring positive fame like she wanted.
- Her father probably had something to do with the planning of the sequels (Farrah brought him with her to her negotiation session with Vivid) and she hates that he's called her a whore or whatever, and probably continues to do so while taking home a slice of her earnings.

That's pretty much the only explanation I can come up with for Farrah's tear-fest and descriptions of why she hates the sex tape. Plus, it seems like the appropriate time to announce this new porno right after Farrah's breakdown on Couples Therapy.

What are your thoughts?

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