Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Week In Review - Celebrity Gossip

Mackenzie Douthit of Teen Mom 3 gave birth to a baby girl. Awesome, right? Mostly. Except that she joined the realm of pseudo-celebrities who give their kids pseudo-creative names. She named her daughter Jaxie, after her grandfather Jack. I'm all about naming kids after family members, but here's the thing - this girl is now named Jaxie for life. Can you really imagine a CEO named Jaxie? Sounds a little closer to a stripper than a CEO to me, and I hardly think you want to lock your kid into a career box because you gave her a name that's a little bit off balance. Plus, this situation could have easily been avoided with some common sense. Mackenzie's grandfather is named Jack. So to me, the obvious solution is to name the kid Jacqueline. Then Jacqueline can be nicknamed Jaxie, or Jax, or whatever else, but in a professional environment, utilize her full (and socially appropriate) name.

Dancing With the Stars besties Derek Hough and Mark Ballas bought a house together and split it 50/50. I'm all about equitable sharing, but this does raise some 'are they in a relationship' flags to me. Which is all good, but if the pair is dating, maybe they should come out with it. Not because fans want to know, but because people should be proud of who they are and not have to hide it. Anyway, as Celebrity Dirty Laundry points out, both guys are close to 30 and either guy has enough celebrity power to snag any date he has his sights set why invest in a million dollar home together if you plan to kick the other guy out when you get into a relationship with someone else? Something's just not adding up.

I think Fox and Simon Cowell came up with some kind of agreement so he could save face. As you may know, the X Factor struggled a bit in the world of TV ratings. And Fox announced it was cancelled...immediately after Simon let us know that he'd be quitting the show to return to the UK. So let me get this straight...Simon quit and then Fox immediately cancelled the show? Seems a little coincidental to me. My theory is that the struggling reality competition was on the rocks, but the network agreed to let Simon save his reputation by quitting before the show got the axe.

You know how a sequel to Farrah Abraham's sex tape/porn/whatever is coming out? Farrah's lawyer's on top of that...sort of. He's saying there's no new footage, and like, totally, Farrah is not a porn star, you guys. (Say that in the least convincing way possible.) He's also saying he tried to blockt he release of the tape but has been unsuccessful. Probably because Farrah signed a contract (that she can't discuss, as we learned on Couples Therapy) saying Vivid owns her soul for a while. Either that or her lawyer's given up entirely. Either way, this video will be out just in time for Valentine's Day for all of those romantic couples who want to see Farrah taking it in the backdoor.

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