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90 Day Fiance: 2/16/14

Mike and Aziza started this episode off with 51 days left to wed. Aziza wasn't having fun - Mike hasn't been home, and she was still upset about Mike's mom grilling her the night before. In a typically unstaged fashion (sarcasm), Mike walked to his home looking at least somewhat fresh and clean - typically not what a guy would look like after a raunchy, alcohol-fueled bachelor party. When questioned where he'd been, Mike said at Scott's. When asked how his party is, Mike said he only went to the bar. Aziza asked what happened there, and Mike admitted that he had been hanging out with the bachelorette party we saw in the last episode. Mike was looking super shifty when he talked about the experience - he was like, we were sitting when the girls were standing, it's not like we were dancing with them or something. Mike hoped something small (his words, not mine) doesn't derail his wedding.

Despite their tension, Aziza went wedding dress shopping with Mike's mom, plus Kelly and Amy. When asked if she's excited about dress shopping, Aziza said she is, but she didn't sound convincing. Fortunately, she got excited once they found a dress she liked (in her words, anyway - she didn't look excited). Everyone seemed to soften up when they saw Aziza in a wedding dress. It got even better when Aziza actually smiled when trying on a dress. Everyone seemed to like it, and Mike's mom got emotional when she realized how Mike would think Aziza is beautiful in the dress. Once they found the dress, everyone loosened up and laughed.

Aziza talked to her mom - she had to find out if her parents were going to make it to the wedding. Their visa to come to the wedding was denied. Aziza's mom seemed devastated. Aziza seemed conflicted. Mike worried that Aziza would be too upset to get married.

Mike and Aziza's wedding day arrived. Aziza noted that she wished she and Mike had more time to get to know each other. She also seemed devastated that her family wouldn't be there.

Alan and Kirlyam moved up their wedding date, so the day before the wedding, Alan went to buy his wedding band. When questioned as to why the wedding is so soon, Alan seemed so sure about how much he loved Kirlyam. And I believe him 100% - I saw on the Television Without Pity boards that Alan and Kirlyam were approached by the show about their visa, so they're a legitimate couple.

Kirlyam went for her nail appointment. The person who was with Kirlyam asked her if she's nervous about the wedding night. She was clearly nervous. Fortunately, she didn't seem to have some kind of crazy expectation about the first night, because I don't think that often ends well. Anyway, in her quest of a perfect first night, Kirlyam got her legs waxed. She said she'd never do it again.

Kirlyam readied for her wedding. Alan's sisters got her ready. As a surprise, Kirlyam was given jewelry with a stone from Brazil so she'd always have a piece of Brazil with her. Everyone seemed so happy - there was no judgment from Alan's family. Alan called his sister asking where they are - it turns out that they were supposed to be at the temple earlier than planned. They had to rush like crazy to get to the venue.

While Kirlyam's family couldn't be at the wedding, they would be video chatting the wedding so Kirlyam's family could see it. Kirlyam seemed so genuine - she truly wanted to get married to Alan. It was so sweet.

One thing that I question is this - I thought that non-Mormons and cameras aren't allowed in Mormon temples. So was this real? I'm not entirely sure.

Real or not, the ceremony was so sweet. And if I recall, Kirlyam wouldn't allow Alan's mom to see her dress beforehand so there was concern about modesty. It turns out that they had nothing to worry about. The dress was nice and very appropriate. On the other hand, Alan's dancing was a bit crazy! He was dancing like a maniac. But it was funny, at least!

The newly married couple was going on honeymoon in Hawaii. I bet they'll enjoy that!

We returned to Russ telling Paola he has to go back to work sooner than planned. The couple met with their DJ for dance lessons. Russ was given salsa lessons and per Paola, he wasn't good. But, to be fair, latin motion and dance abilities do not happen overnight. Russ was hurt because Paola and the male instructor / DJ / whatever called him a penguin. Russ was also hurt because he had to dance with an instructor while Paola danced with a different instructor. What Russ doesn't realize is that it takes and instructor to teach dance - even though Paola has great moves, if she doesn't have the ability to teach, Russ won't learn. The truth of it is that Russ was nervous that Paola would attract other men when he's away.

Paola went dress shopping, and she wanted a dress with real style. She picked one that was pretty much see through on top. Ashley, Russ' cousin who accompanied Paola, seemed to think the dress was too racy for Oklahoma. Which it probably was, but it did look awesome on her. The person who worked at the wedding dress store said they could cover her a bit with a veil, and Ashley laughed and suggested way more coverage. Fortunately for Ashley, the dress was out of Paola's price range, so she'd have to find something more acceptable.

Russ had to tell Paola some bad news - he has to work and won't be available on their wedding date. Russ said he's not going to cancel the wedding. Paola lost hope - she felt like she had no patience left.

Louis and Aya discussed their monetary struggles. Fortunately, Mike realized how much Aya gave up so he bought her the dress that she really wanted. The weird thing is, he said he put it on his debit card - so, he did have the money. Why not a credit card? Louis and Aya got into a touchy subject - the weight discussion. Aya said her mom said that she's fat because she's gained some weight in America. Louis made it clear that Aya's beautiful no matter what, but said he wouldn't argue with a woman about whether or not she's gained weight. Instead of saying something supportive, like that Aya's beautiful and perfect, he refused to engage in the conversation. Fortunately, he realized the err of his ways and joined Aya in the bed where she was crying. He did really well at making it better. I give him credit for that.

Aya spent some one-on-one time with Louis' ex Tonya. Tonya took Aya to a meeting at Louis' kids' school. Tonya asked how sure Aya is about marrying Louis. Aya said she felt isolated in the house. Tonya actually had the complaint - she wanted to go out and Louis didn't, which is part of the reason for their divorce. Tonya told Aya to make sure she's sure she wants to marry Louis. Tonya admitted it's partially selfish because she's protecting Louis and her kids, but she did also genuinely seem to want the best for Aya.

Next week, we'll see Alan get concerned about how attractive Kirlyam is, Louis say that he's "pretty sure" about her wedding, Aziza become unsure about going through with her wedding, and Paola have a bachelorette party. Should be interesting!

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