Sunday, February 23, 2014

90 Day Fiance Season Finale: 2/23/14

Tonight was the finale of 90 Day Fiance.

The episode opened up with Russ reminding us that he was called back to work and wouldn't have his wedding day off. Paola asked Russ if he was going to ask for the day off, and Russ said he'd try again. When Russ left their apartment, Paola cried because she and Russ had an argument and she'd made him feel bad. It seemed that the emotions about Russ leaving were catching up with her.

Paola felt lonely and sad with Russ away for a few weeks. Even so, she had her bachelorette party. She went out with Russ' cousins and a friend named Ashley to a club. Paola began to drink to get her mind off Russ being away, but she still couldn't seem to shake her sadness.

Note that between the video of Paola living it up, we were shown video of Russ being lonely at work.

Russ checked his phone and found a voicemail from Paola. She missed him so much. It's so strange - I really believed this marriage was a sham, but it seems that Paola's really into Russ. Russ called Paola and said he would come home immediately and make sure the wedding happened. He said there's always more jobs, but there's only one Paola. The weird thing is that Russ managed to get home on the night of the bachelorette party (the girls were still in the room with Paola, so I think it was the same night). If he's so far away, how did he do that? I don't get it.

Russ and Paola's wedding arrived. Paola looked amazing. Her dress was beautiful and much more modest than the sheer one she originally tried on. The venue Russ and Paola were married in was incredible. For a couple on a budget, they sure had a great wedding! Paola said most of her vows in her native language. Russ tried to read his vows but cried. It looked like his nose was bleeding a bit too, but that may have just been a shadow. After the vows, the couple shared a very intense kiss. Russ' parents said that they could tell that Russ and Paola are really in maybe Russ isn't gay, despite the speculations. If they're happy, awesome for them.

After the show aired, Russ found a job with less travel and they plan to have a second wedding in Colombia.

Alan and Kirlyam arrived in Hawaii for their honeymoon. Kirlyam was so charmed by Hawaii. Alan and Kirlyam both talked to the confessional about how they've not be intimate with anyone before. However, their priorities weren't about sex - they first decided to check out the beaches of Hawaii. They looked like they were having so much fun.

The pair got to the hotel room and laid down on the bed. They cuddled for a bit. Alan asked Kirlyam if she wanted to go to bed. Then, they kicked out the camera crew. (Nicely, of course - Alan even said please!) They then found the in room camera and shut it off. You can guess what happened next.

Alan and Kirlyam were so happy to wake up next to each other. It was so funny - after saying how they were both glad to have waited until marriage to have sex, they gave each other a high five. It was so adorably innocent. They then talked jokingly about how many kids they want to have. Alan said eight, and Kirlyam said 'with who?' He tried to negotiate his way to a lower number, but Kirlyam stayed firm at one child. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out! Not that we'll ever know.

Since the show aired, the pair started discussing kids.

Mike and Aziza's wedding day arrived. Mike was worried that Aziza wouldn't want to get married because her parents couldn't make it. He had reason to worry - it made Aziza realize how much she missed her mom. She also didn't feel like America is home.

Aziza got dressed for the wedding. Aziza said the wedding was a nerve wracking experience. Mike said that he wasn't sure that Aziza would marry him until she actually walked down the aisle. As she waited for her big moment Aziza was freaking out - she felt sick.

Aziza did walk down the aisle, and she knew when she did that she was making the right decision. After the wedding, Aziza smiled in a way that we barely saw on camera. She looked so genuinely happy. While Mike's parents seemed comfortable with the wedding, others still had concerns. Still, Aziza defended herself and Mike, and said that it doesn't matter what others think because they're happy.

Aziza, since the show, has been pursuing a hospitality degree. She and Mike are looking for a bigger house.

Louis said he wished he had more time with Aya before their wedding. Louis' friend Tony set up a low key bowling bachelor party for him. Tony asked Louis if he's sure about marrying Aya, and he said "Pretty sure." Tony asked if Louis thinks things will wig out in a few months. Louis said he didn't think so because they planned to be together forever. Tony asked Louis if he had a door and said, 'you can get's your last chance', but the camera cut over to another story without us hearing the answer.

Louis and Aya's wedding day arrived. Aya got all ready for the wedding, and she received a call from Louis saying that he's a little late and he'd be there soon. Aya said that Louis always seemed so sure about everything, so this concerned her. (I personally think she should have been worried about her overabundance of blue eye shadow, but that's just my opinion.)

An hour before the wedding, Louis still hadn't shown up. Fortunately, Louis made it (although late) and his excuse wasn't too bad - he was setting up for the reception, so it's not like he was having cold feet. Aya said it was such a relief walking down the aisle, and Louis was blown away because Aya looked gorgeous. Louis said he cried a little, and Aya cried openly - but they were tears of joy. She was excited to start her life with Louis. Aya later said the wedding and reception were great - I guess they found a good compromise within their budget. Louis and Aya said they want to have at least one child. Then Louis said he wants a motorcycle and Aya threatened to punch him - thankfully they laughed and were kidding about the threat of violence.

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