Sunday, February 23, 2014

90 Day Fiance: Len and Alina

Len, 48, and Alina, 23, met on one of Len's trip to the Ukraine, where Alina lives. Len is a gym owner from Arizona.

Note: as of this time, there's no resolution for their story on This recap provides all available information from the online videos.

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Len sat down with a friend named Kim, who wasn't fond of Alina. When Len broke the news that he'd be bringing Alina over on a K-1 visa, Kim wasn't happy. Kim thought that Alina was emotionless, and she couldn't see what Alina would be giving Len, whereas Len would be giving Alina a great lifestyle. Kim was clear in the confessional - she thought Alina was using Len - she wanted his lifestyle, and she'd ditch him after she'd been in the states a while.

When Len was talking to Kim, he mentioned something that reminded me of Mike and Aziza's story - Alina can't get any other kind of visa, so this is her only option. That is a little troublesome!

Len talked to his brother Steve about Alina, and he called her a mail order bride. He said he wouldn't trust a girl he'd only spent two weeks with, so why should Len? Len's dad asked if Alina had asked for money - Len said no. Len said he'd be getting a prenup. Kim said that Alina would be back on a plane within 30 days - nobody seemed to believe in this relationship.

Alina missed one of her visa interviews. When Len questioned her, she was defensive. It turns out that Alina was jealous about Len sharing a meal with Kim. (Jealousy problems for sure!) Len asked Alina if she really wants to come to the US and she said she didn't know.

Len and Alina went a week without speaking. Len was partially angry and partially worried. He kept calling Alina, but she didn't answer. Len said he'd dealt with Alina's spats in the past, but he wasn't willing to stop pursuing his happiness.

Two weeks after their argument, Len still couldn't reach Alina. Len said he'd never ignore someone for two weeks like Alina did. Len said eventually Alina would contact him, and he'd ask what happened. Eventually, Alina picked up one of Len's calls. She said she'd been on vacation with another man, who she said gives her everything she wants. (Looks like she's being a gold digger!) Len was angry - he knew what needed to be done but was on the fence about what to actually do.

In the end, Len cancelled the visa request for Alina because he could never trust her again. And that was the end of them...and the reason their episode only aired online, not on TV.


Anonymous said...

Idiot dude more than twice her age just wanting to get laid and be with a young chick. This story is so common, and so lame. Why are you older men so shallow and dorky? What do you have to offer a younger, much younger, hot chick other than money? Your story is as old, and as sad, as the hills. Wake up, wise up and, above all, grow up!

Anonymous said...

It is odd and he is trying to get a trophy wife. However, from my experience (not dating but working colleagues) is that Eastern Europeans are cold and brash. The dude would be better off getting a gym bunny in her mid-thirty's and call it a day.

The age disparity would never work, especially if she wanted children.

Anonymous said...

Those girls come from either very poor countries or very small cities or villages. They have no chance of life there. Thus is why they ran. I'm from Moscow and those girls do the same thing to our man to be able to live in big cities like Moscow, St Petersburg, etc
I knew right away Alina will ran. What was Len thinking?

Anonymous said...

Girls from all over the world do it. From Eastern Europe, Asia, Pacific islands, etc. It's very wrong what they do. BUT most of men from the US that are pursuing mail order brides have some kind of problems and desperate. I met girls that married to guys that are completely broke, don't worry and don't even have a place to live. They needed someone that doesn't know what's up to open credit cards and support him. She could have left but she did not. She had a child she brought with her and she needed to feed this kid. She had no means to support herself and tge kid in her village in Russia. Here it's better for her.
I saw a guy that married a girl from Russia, brought her here and moved to other city by himself 2 hours away and the wife stayed behind. She had to figure out how to support herself. He would not give her a penny. He moved a month after she came here pretending he got better job. She could have left. She did not. She was from a small Siberian village. Her parents were alcoholics, she had no job or any kind of life there.
I just can't understand why men from the US are look for wife's outside of tge country? What happened here? No more women keft?

Anonymous said...

Sorry but it's hard to find pretty American girl... And women from Russia, Brazil, pacific islands etc are hot and sexy. And about Len.. He should know better, he is old enough guy. Girl could barely speak english, what feelings and love you were talking about..geez. He just liked this hot piece of ass and she liked trips he took her and maybe gifts he bought for her. Don't understand why would you start this visa process with relationship like this one. Len really needs to grow up and make wiser decisions.

Unknown said...

Why didn't Len get with his business partner, Kim? She obviously likes him, and he already spends "most of his day" with her anyways.