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90 Day Fiance: 2/9/14

Tonight we were treated to another episode of 90 Day Fiance.

Russ opened up by telling us that he took a personal leave from work to help Paola get acclimated, but he could get called in any day. Russ wants Paola to like football, so he took her to tailgate for a college football game. Russ got frustrated because Paola took a long time to get ready.

Paola talked to someone at the tailgate, and she noted that she wanted to get married on December 7th, but Russ said no because there's a football game that day. Paola didn't understand why football was more important than their wedding. Russ tried to teach Paola how to play football, and she was good for someone who'd never played.

Russ was advised that he'd be called to travel for work, and he would be going back sooner than anticipated. He didn't know when, though. He also didn't know how long he'd be gone - it could be two weeks or it could be a month. Paola was very upset because this cuts into their time together. After an argument, they made up, and Russ said he'd try to find another job.

With 76 days until their wedding, Alan drove Kirlyam in for a modeling consultation. (If you recall, miraculously, Kirlyam's hairstylist said she could be a model and knew who she should talk to.) At her consultation, Kirlyam was set up for a test shoot with a modeling agency. Alan expressed concern about racy photos and made it clear that being immodest went against their Mormon beliefs.

Kirlyam felt the pressure of planning a quickie wedding. Alan's mom asked to see Kirlyam's dress, and Kirlyam said no. Alan's mom said one of the reasons she asked was to make sure the dress was modest enough. Kirlyam said her mom gave her the dress - it was her mom's way of being with her. Alan's mom seemed to understand after Kirlyam explained that - it wasn't an insult that she wouldn'ts show her, it was something special for Kirlyam and her mother.

Kirlyam arrived at her photo shoot. Alan worried about Kirlyam - he said that people always say how pretty she is, but never say anything about how she and Alan look good together. Alan tried to call Kirlyam but she didn't answer, so he got nervous...I suppose that he didn't consider that you don't keep your cell phone on a modeling set. So what's a jealous fiance to do? Show up on set. And then get jealous of how great your fiance looks. After the shoot, Alan got all jealous and asked Kirlyam to promise that she won't leave him.

Natasha from the modeling agency like Kirlyam's photos and would be sending them out for bookings. Alan go jealous, although when Kirlyam confronted him, he said he wasn't. (Uh huh - right.) Alan got ready to drop Kirlyam off at his parents' house for the night, but he wasn't happy about it, so they talked about moving their wedding day closer - as soon as possible, in fact.

When we caught up with Mike and Aziza, they'd done the deed. If you recall, Aziza was hesitant about sex until the (not at all staged) girls talking to Mike outside the bar. Mike brought up the idea of having a bachelor party with strippers, and Aziza wasn't feeling that. Mike said that it seems like Aziza has a lack of trust for him. Well...if he really was hanging out with girls outside the bar, I don't blame Aziza for not being entirely trusting. I highly doubt Mike was doing anything inappropriate with those women (as they were clearly placed there by the camera crews), but still...if you start breaking the trust with that stuff, why should Aziza trust you?

Aziza went for her hair and makeup trial with Mike's sister Amy and Mike's friend Kelli to join her, as they'd be her bridesmaids because all of her friends are in Russia. Aziza noted that she's not sure if the girls like or trust her. At the salon, Aziza went to the hair section while the others got pedicures. Amy and Kelli discussed that they were hesitant about Aziza - they didn't dislike her but they wanted her to get to know them better and don't feel like she's opening up about herself. Kelli asked the tough question - do you think Aziza's with Mike just to get citizenship? Amy said yes, but she thinks her mom would be more likely to confront Aziza about it than she would.

Mike had his bachelor party, and his group ran into a bachelorette party. We later saw a their party looking pretty wild and fun.

Aziza, Amy, Kelly, Mike's mom and someone else went out for Aziza's bachelorette party. The group tried to get Aziza to drink, but she wasn't going for it. Mike's mom got pretty drunk - she said she figured out Aziza's plan - get a visa, marry the guy, and kill them all with rat poison the day after the wedding. Woooow. She REALLY doesn't like Aziza...that or the alcohol was talking really, really loud. Mike's mom followed by asking why Aziza couldn't meet someone in Russia, and what is it she loves about Mike. Aziza said that Mike's her best friend, they can talk about anything, and she feels comfortable with him. And she started to cry. After that, everyone softened - they were so happy to see Aziza show emotion. Mike's mom was happy and said she loved Aziza, now that she knows that Aziza loves Mike.

Louis and Aya went to look at wedding dresses. Aya noted that she wants her wedding to be extra special because she changed her whole life to be with Louis, but Louis was immediately concerned about finding a wedding dress under $300. Louis noted that he was afraid that Aya would forget about the budget. Aya found her perfect dress, but it was above budget.  The dress was $300, but the veil and alterations put it beyond their price range. Louis shut down and said they'd have to talk about it, which made Aya upset because she wanted to have input in this decision.

When the pair discussed their wedding finances later, Aya was so reasonable - she was so sad about not getting the dress and veil she wanted, but she understood. Louis said they'd have to wait because he'd just paid rent, but there would be no guarantee that they'd get the dress because the shop wouldn't hold it for as long as they needed. To his credit, Louis said that he'd try his best to get her the dress and flowers she wants.

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Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! If you don't want show spoilers, read no further. According to the forums at TWOP:

Mike and Aziza are married.
Russ and Paola are married. (Announcement here.)

That's not to say that the others aren't, but that's the info that's posted on the forums. Those two seem like the most staged couples, with popular opinion stating that Russ is gay, and because Aziza seemed to be chasing a visa to come to the US.

Some other info, also from TWOP:

Paola is a shoe designer and model.

Here is the site with Louis' and Aya's visa information:

Aziza's social media profile indicates that she may have some kind of eating disorder or extreme fear of getting fat - she has a picture posted of a larger person, with a caption indicating that she's afraid of being like that. (Note: this was posted on the TWOP forums and I was unable to see this for myself.)

Here's Paola's Twitter account: 

Miss an episode? Watch them on Amazon:

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Anonymous said...

SHOCKED that Mike & Aziza did marry (per this site/spoiler alert). Yes, she did seem the least "in love" and the most suspect at the same time.

PS) Yes, thought Russ was gay from episode 1...guess not...or is he bi...