Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tori Spelling Forgives Dean McDermott, Even Though He May Have Knocked Up His Mistress

While I'm not one to be a huge fan of T-Spell and her shows, I do feel for her now that hubby Dean McDermott's cheating has come to light. Even though she and Dean were both cheating on their significant others when they got together.

News broke recently that Dean McDermott had cheated on Tori Spelling. He told his weekend mistress that he and Tori had a sexless marriage, and Dean and the mistress did it without a condom...repeatedly. So now that Emily Goodhand might be pregnant, I feel extra bad for Tori. Here's why:

- Tori has openly talked about the money problems she and Dean are having. Dean having to pay child support isn't going to help. Beyond that, Tori might want this child to know her kids because after all, they are siblings. That would be selfless of her, but very, very difficult.

- Tori Spelling tends to get a lot of bad press. This isn't going to help. She's got to be embarrassed by this, and I don't blame her. The worst part, though, is that Tori blames herself for Dean's cheating and forgave him because of it. Girl, if you want to forgive him, you do it and get yourself LOTS of family counseling. But don't blame yourself for your husband's infidelity. Cheating is NOT the answer, even when there are lots of problems in a marriage. And it is not your fault if you don't give it up as much as your hubby wants when you're chasing after four young kids.

- Tori's done a lot for Dean's fame and career. Sure, he's not A list or anything, but he would probably be way less famous if not for Ms. Spelling. Is he trying to make up for an inferiority complex or something? It can be hard when your spouse is more famous / makes more money / whatever else - but that's not a reason to act out.

Dean - hopefully you'll straighten up after this mess and stop cheating!

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