Thursday, January 9, 2014

Couples Therapy: Some Thoughts on the 1/9/14 Episode

Couples Therapy brought us some interesting situations this week. While I'm not in the mood to do a recap, I'll give you some highlights.

Taylor Armstrong and Farrah Abraham had a conversation about Taylor's divorce and her husband's suicide. When Taylor talked about the horrible situation, Farrah looked completely blank. Like, it was almost as if she was an emotionless robot. It was so strange. Most people, upon hearing Taylor's story (her husband beating punching her in the face), would be horrified. Farrah hardly even reacted, although she did say the implant in Taylor's eye looks natural.

After the conversation, Taylor said that Farrah must be the most self absorbed person ever. I think she's onto something.

Farrah is working on both an erotic sex novel and a Christian parenting book....what? At one point, Farrah said something interesting - "I'm 22 so I can talk about sex." It's almost like she's trying to prove herself to...someone? Everyone? The world? In any case, during most of the time we saw her, she was stone faced. No emotion. She cried a little bit during the group session and the private session, but even that looked fake. Either she's learned how to turn emotions off or she's got a crazy wall built up. Maybe both.

Also, Farrah still maintains that she was dating 'her ex who was in porn'. However, James Deen tells the story differently.

Ghostface Killah was horrified when he found out his girlfriend Kelsey used to be a stripper. His reasoning was because he's open about his past with Kelsey, and she wasn't honest about hers. Ghostface Killah said he was thrown off guard, in part, because he doesn't date strippers. It was almost like he was stuck in a stereotype.

Taylor Armstrong had a bit too much to drink and her attitude came out. She let us know what she does and doesn't like. And when she got mad, it seemed like her fiance got mad with her. She was fuming and freaking out, and suddenly, her fiance was mean and demanding with her, even though he didn't seem that mad on his own. Let's just say angry Taylor is not a Taylor you want to see. She was angry, demanding, crying, screaming - it wasn't great. I hope she is able to work on that behavior in therapy.

It looks like Jon Gosselin will be joining the cast next week, so that should be interesting!

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