Sunday, January 5, 2014

Couples Therapy: The 2014 Season Begins...And With Jon Gosselin and Farrah Abraham, This Season's Crazy Already

Couples Therapy is back, and Dr. Jenn Berman's got a lot on her hands.

The first couple to arrive in the Couples Therapy house was Taylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her fiance John. Newly engaged, their problems already run deep. Taylor opened up about how her ex-husband Russell was abusive, despite the perfect public image she portrayed on TV. Her husband then took his own life. After Russell's death, Taylor wasn't sure she'd love again. But then, she fell for her attorney. And now they're together. But Taylor's post traumatic stress disorder puts a lot of pressure on their relationship.

The first thing I noticed when Taylor and John arrived is that Taylor brought her assistant to help her unpack. Oh, to have money like that!

I have to give Taylor credit - she said she's already had one unhealthy marriage and she's not going into a second, so if she and John can't get their lives straight, they're not getting married. Props, Taylor, props.

Ghostface Killah from Wu Tang Clan and girlfriend Kelsey (a singer / actress / songwriter) were next to arrive. Although they've been together over a year, the pair's only spent about four months together because of Ghostface Killah's schedule. The pair seems to be really into each other, but Kelsey's worried about her man's rapper lifestyle, and she feels that things have gotten distant when she asks Ghostface Killah about other women. GK says that he'd consider getting married one day but wants to see if Kelsey's the one. GK also doesn't think he needs therapy - he said if he needs therapy, he'll talk to himself. So, my guess is that either Kelsey convinced him to do this show for genuine reasons, for GK saw a way to increase his fame and gain some more fans. I'd say it's some of both. GK sounded pretty serious about not needing therapy, but he comes off as a genuinely good guy - the fact that he was there for his girlfriend says a lot.

The two couples met, and they seemed to get along, which was refreshing. Although if we learned anything from Flavor Flav in previous season, a good first impression does not mean a good relationship throughout the time in the house.

Third to arrive was a couple from The Real L Word - Whitney Mixter and Sada Bettencourt. They participated in the first lesbian wedding to be shown on national TV. Both women have strong personalities, and their struggle is to figure out who's the queen of the jungle. The pair struggles with communication and balancing out their power struggle, which is evident immediately on the show. The pair wants to have kids, so they're in therapy to move past their issues before taking the next step.

When Whitney and Sada arrived, Kelsey mentioned that she and Ghostface Killah have opinions on gay relationships...and it doesn't sound like their opinions are positive ones. This could get interesting.

Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom fame arrived next. She had attitude right from the start as she dragged her bag up the stairs....maybe Taylor had it right by bringing her assistant. Farrah said she never realized what love was until she lost the father of her baby, who passed away while she was pregnant. Farrah said she was involved with someone in the sex industry, but she's not a porn star....even though she has a sex tape. She said she took money to make her sex tape public because it was lucrative, the same way she took money to associate her name with a line of sex toys. Okay, Farrah, whatever. We already know you weren't actually dating James Deen. Anyway, she says she met a guy at her birthday party and they've been dating for five months (despite the fact that we've never heard about this guy in the media, so forgive me for being skeptical...along with the fact that Farrah tried to get a fake boyfriend to appear on Couples Therapy with her last season). Her story is that the day before filming, this guy stopped returning her calls and texts, as well as the producer's. This doesn't scream shady at all (sarcasm).

Immediately, the house was abuzz with questions - was Farrah alone? Did anyone come with her? Obviously there was some confusion as this how is called Couples Therapy. When Dr. Jenn walked in to talk to Farrah, Farrah said she doesn't have a boyfriend. She elaborated by saying that as of yesterday, her boyfriend didn't make it on the plane and he's not returning any of her contacts. Farrah thinks this guy did this purposely to hurt her. Dr. Jenn said she'd reach out to this mystery boyfriend, and Farrah said she's be open to working with the boyfriend if he decided to show up.

Hey Farrah, there are a few gaps in your story:
- You never mention your boyfriend by name. If you weren't hiding something, you'd say his name, right?
- How are you not concerned about this guy? If someone I was with was supposed to be on a plane, then suddenly disappeared, my first thought wouldn't be "He's mad at me", it would be "What happened? Is he okay? Was he hurt? Where is he?"
- How do you not come off as upset in the least? Seriously, shouldn't you be at least a little concerned?

After Farrah's arrival, the first group therapy session began. The residents met the counselors and therapists. Dr. Jenn said that some people in the house may realize they're more in love than ever, and other couples may realize that their relationships are over. Then, as she put it, Dr. Jenn talked about the elephant in the room - Farrah was there alone. Farrah said she's a little embarrassed and sad, and broke into tears. She said she was under the impression that she was coming with a boyfriend, but he suddenly disappeared. She said she's in shock. Dr. Jenn said that Farrah's mentioned seeing this pattern before - where men leave her and then sell stories about her. Dr. Jenn asked the group how they felt about Farrah being here alone. Taylor spoke first and said she was supportive. Ghostface Killah said Farrah needs to watch out to not fall into the same patterns, but also seemed to be supportive. Farrah later said that she wasn't sure if she'd stay if her man didn't show up, but we all know that's not true - Farrah won't turn down an opportunity for fame.

During dinner, Ghostface Killah remained hesitant about getting therapy. He seemed to think he was there to support Kelsey, but he was advised that he needs to be all in - he has to be a participant, not just a supporter. He and Kelsey continued their discussion later, in which GK said he cares about Kelsey but he hasn't officially labeled their relationship, and skirted around the issue of whether or not there are other women in his life. One thing's for sure - their relationship is complicated.

On this season of Couples Therapy, there will be lots of drama. It looks like Ghostface Killah and Kelsey will do lots of arguing, Taylor Armstrong will cause some problems, this mystery (fake) boyfriend of Farrah's may show up at some point (unless it's some other ex that shows up), and Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend will arrive. This is going to be an excellent season of Couples Therapy!

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