Thursday, January 30, 2014

Couples Therapy - 1/30/14 - Ghostface Killah Plays the Victim

This week on Couples Therapy, we learned that Ghostface Killah has two girlfriends...and they didn't know about each other.

Ghostface Killah dropped a bomb on his girlfriend Kelsey Byers - he was seeing someone else without her knowledge...and he wants the women to meet so he can decide what he wants. Say WHAT? It was pretty incredible how Ghost made it seem like we should feel bad for him - HE feels like he's stuck in the middle. HE's the victim. Umm...he's the guy secretly sleeping with two women. Is he in a bad situation? Absolutely. But is he the victim? I'm going to say no.

Dr. Jenn made Ghost fess up to Kelsey about his infidelity, but not until after she listened to him talk about how his relationship with Kelsey is still new and all that. Regardless - if you're close enough with someone to appear on Couples Therapy together, you're together enough to know that your girlfriend is going to be mad when she finds out that you're sleeping with another woman.

I think the best / worst part of the whole thing was when Ghost told Kelsey that his other girlfriend should be more mad than Kelsey because she's been around longer. Um, no. Both women have a right to be mad because Ghost is seeing both of them without the other one knowing. And the excuse about only knowing Kelsey four months is getting old - if you've known someone for a year, you've known them for a year, regardless of how much time you've spent physically in the same place.

The episode closed out with Ghost rubbing up on Kelsey while still being ridiculously aloof. After his confession and all that, he still had the nerve to ask Kelsey to get him some juice. When he commented on it not having ice, Kelsey threw it in his face. And you know what? He deserved it.

Next week, Ghost's other girlfriend will appear on the show, and it looks like things get explosive. This is going to be a very interesting episode!

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