Thursday, January 23, 2014

Couples Therapy - 1/23/14

Couples Therapy opened up with Whitney and Sada discussing that Farrah's supposed 'sex tape' is actually a straight up porno, unlike Farrah's claims. They noted that there's a camera crew and everything - therefore, not an amateur sex tape.

Dr. Jenn decided to talk about trust and fidelity in the group session. Kelsey and Ghostface went first. Kelsey said it hurts her trust when Ghostface is with other women. Ghostface asked if he's being made out to be the bad guy. Ghostface said he doesn't fall in love in four months. (They've known each other for a year but he's referring to physically spending time together - not while he's on travel.)

Sada and Whitney discussed that they've both been not ready to settle down, but they both trust each other. Dr. Jenn pointed out that many of their fights are related to jealousy. They said many of their arguments stem from misunderstandings and the need for attention.

Liz pointed out that Jon Gosselin is needy. Jon said his marriage with Kate was like a business transaction. Jon said that he had to complete tasks for Kate to be happy. Liz noted that she has trouble trusting Jon because when they were on a break, he was with multiple women. Dr. Jenn pointed out that Jon, who hated his controlling relationship, is creating a lifestyle where Liz has to be controlling to keep her anxiety in check. Dr. Jenn thinks Jon is still rebelling against Kate, in a way.

John said that he gets jealous when Taylor ignores him to spend time with their fans when they're out. Taylor said she tends to project her ex-husband Russell onto John.

Farrah said she feels hurt by her sex tape. She's hurt by people thinking it's a porn (even though it is) and she doesn't want it to mess up her whole life. When confronted about how there are different camera angles, Farrah said there was a camera person...and then said there was never a camera person. She's getting caught up in her own lies. It was noted that Farrah needs to be true to her own truths, but she responded with something about being judged. I think what's really happening is that Farrah did make a sex tape and sold it, but regretted her decision once she got backlash, instead of praise, for her actions.

Back in their room, Ghost and Kelsey discussed their relationship more. I'm kind of over their relationship at this point - Kelsey seems to want more, Ghost seems to want to have sex with more people.

The topic of Farrah's sex tape came up again. Kelsey explained to Liz and Jon about how it has more than one camera and things. Jon said his theory on the porn, which pretty much matches mine above. And Jon made a good point - nobody's judging Farrah for doing a porno - they're judging her for lying about it.

Farrah spent some time with resident counselor Keisha. Keisha noted that people sounded like they were having fun outside and asked if Farrah wanted to join them. Farrah said no because these are people she'd never be friends with and they're not trying to be friends with her. (Hello, defense mechanism!) She made a point that she's sick of fighting because she'd seen her parents fighting so often. Dr. Jenn met with Farrah and asked how she's doing in the house. Farrah said that people in the house are saying she's coming across as mean or rude. She wondered if she's so messed up from what she's been through that it affects her badly. Dr. Jenn said her perspective is off kilter based on her past. Farrah said she's confused because she's trying to be truthful with people and they think she's mean. Dr. Jenn said that Farrah came off a bit rough when she came into the house and needs to let people know her for who she is.

Farrah said that she was dating three months after having her baby. Dr. Jenn noticed something about Farrah - she'll share something about herself and then will share a judgment or anticipate someone having a judgment. She said Farrah has a lack of compassion for herself.

Farrah said she's been told not to feel sorry for herself and she judges herself. She said she feels like it started when she was young, and it likely came from her mom. Her mom and her dad have called her a b*tch and whore, and she believed them even though what they said was untrue. Farrah said she doesn't know what love is, and she feels like her parents are trying to use her. Dr. Jenn said that parallels her relationship with men. Dr. Jenn said she'd be bringing in Farrah's parents to work through their issues.

The group relaxed to celebrate Sada's birthday. There were women dressed as mermaids, Sada's friends, drinks and other fun stuff - even Farrah said she was having a good time. Sada had a great quote, "There's nothing wrong with being a day older, unless you're sushi or a banana."

Whitney noticed that Sada was flirting with Ghost, which was frustrating. Sada knew Whitney got upset with her but wasn't sure why. Whitney said she was going to bed and Sada chased after her. Sada told her to talk about what's bothering her, and Whitney explained. Sada said she wasn't flirting (especially because she's not into men), but Whitney always flirts with people. The argument went on for a while and didn't seem to come to any resolution. Then it came up again the next morning. This time, they discussed that it was a miscommunication and made up.

In a totally crazy (in my opinion) argument, Liz accused Jon of masturbating (which he said he wasn't). She got mad because she was right there, and if he needed to get off, he should have asked her. Jon maintained that he was in fact, not masturbating. The pair discussed it again later. Jon felt hurt so he clammed up. Liz practically attacked him, asking why she should believe him. Liz said Jon masturbating was embarrassing for her, and Jon said the situation was embarrassing for him. In my opinion, Liz was in the wrong here - she kept pressing the situation after Jon told his side of the story, and she laughed and made fun of him. She told Jon to not be the victim, yet she forces him to be. Jon pointed out that she's acting like Kate.

Next week, Ghost will talk about a woman he's seeing, Jon and Liz will discuss their scandal further, and Kelsey will throw juice in Ghost's face.

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