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Couples Therapy 1/16/14 - Welcome, Jon Gosselin!

This episode of Couples Therapy opened in the middle of Taylor Armstrong's meltdown from last week. It got way worse today. Taylor went off on Dr. Jenn Berman about how her towels are tea green, how she needs her latte and how she needs her giant house. It was pretty awful.

At the group session, Dr. Jenn brought up Taylor's incident. She said she'd never seen such an entitled tantrum...but she thought it was BS. Why? Because Taylor's been through a lot and it's got to be more than towels that set her off. When asked to defend herself, Taylor said she was upset about the food. John Bluher, Taylor's fiance, jumped in, saying the heat was too much. After that, Taylor gave in - she said she couldn't handle when John's attitude gets out of control (and his controlling behavior), and noted that her career in reality TV has already killed one person and she's worried about it happening again. Dr. Jenn assured her that her career is not what made her ex-husband take his own life - the issues went much deeper than reality TV.

Kelsey was the next person to talk. Kelsey worries that if she doesn't go along with Ghostface Killah's wishes, he'll find someone else. It was brought up that Kelsey's supposed to be okay with Ghostface being with other women, yet Ghostface is allowed to be angry that Kelsey stripped four years before. Ghostface got so mad - he equated stripping to prostitution, then made comments about how he bagged Kelsey and went off about how little time they've spent together. Dr. Jenn told Kelsey that she should never let a man define her value. After that, Kelsey left the room...and Ghostface refused to follow her.

 Kelsey spent some time with one of the therapists in the other room, and she talked about how the word love shouldn't be used lightly. She wants Ghostface to accept her for who she is. She gives Ghostface the benefit of the doubt even though he won't do the same for her. Ultimately, her goal is to get more love from Ghostface Killah and be in a stable relationship. Unfortunately, when the pair are on their own, Kelsey's unable to articulate what she wants, probably due to Ghostface's strong personality.

Farrah Abraham was next. She said that she feels that she's always accommodating others. Taylor chimed in, saying that Farrah reminds her of her younger self, and that's not a good thing. Farrah said it hurt her yesterday when Taylor said that it's hard to believe that Farrah's done everything that she's done in her young life. Taylor countered by apologizing for her approach, but explaining that it seems like Farrah's trying to make the world love her in all the wrong ways, and when you do so much, it starts to smell like BS. She doesn't have to do everything to make the world love her - the world should love her for who she is.

Taylor cited an example of how she and Farrah are similar - when Taylor was younger, she'd stop everything to be with a guy if he wanted her to, which is in line with what Farrah had just said. Instead of accepting Taylor's attempt to help, Farrah got defensive and said this isn't a place to hate on each other. Dr. Jenn cut Farrah off and said that hate wasn't Taylor's intention. She said that Farrah's so used to being attacked that she perceives things in that manner, even when that's not their intention.

The women from The Real L Word and Farrah were talking about reality stars, and the topic of porn came up. The topic of Farrah's porn came up, and of course, Farrah got defensive. She said that she's done a sex tape with a boyfriend (we're still sticking by that story?) and it got out. And when it got out, she sold the rights because that's all you can do.

The group was told that a new couple was coming, but not who, and Farrah told the confessional how welcoming she is and blah blah blah, yet everyone else is hard to please. Welcome to Farrah-land, where Farrah is always right. Granted, the others did talk about pranking the new couple, but I think that was more of a joke than anything else.

The mystery couple ended up being Jon Gosselin and Liz Jannetta. Yes, you know Jon - Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame. He said that he tends to go back to being silent during troublesome situations (battle scars from the Kate marriage), and Liz said she looked past her reservations to be with Jon, which included the fact that he has eight kids and she has three of her own. When asked, Jon made it clear that he and Kate are not civil towards each other at this time.

What was interesting was that Liz seemed to be very overbearing, much like Kate was - and isn't that what Jon wanted to get away from? Jon disagreed with my opinion, clearly, because he said Kate and Liz are like apples and oranges. There were weird similarities, though - Liz told Jon to stop making a certain face, and Liz also told him to do things - like, she told him to hang out and do his own thing while she finished her food.

The pair had a therapy session together. Jon told the story of how they'd met - in a parking lot, then at a bar, and then they went home together. From the way the conversation went, it sounds like they didn't get intimate that night; Jon just wanted to hug.

As Liz shared her story, she referred to Jon as "Jon Gosselin", and he said he didn't like that. Liz didn't understand why, and Dr. Jenn stepped in to say it's because it makes Jon feel like a character (like his TV persona), not himself. Dr. Jenn also pointed out that Liz's response to Jon's complaint is to diminish his feelings.

Jon talked about how he has to be guarded because of his past, and how it can't be let go because something keeps bringing it up. For example, Kate is suing him because she claims he sold information to an author that wrote a scathing book about her.

A big problem in their relationship came up - Jon seems to want marriage and Liz seemed hesitant. Yet Liz feels like Jon wants the lifestyle and she's interchangeable. This is definitely a complicated pairing!

Sada and Whitney watched Farrah's supposed 'sex tape' and talked about how it is most definitely not a sex tape - it's full on porn. (See here for more on that.)

Next week on Couples Therapy, we'll see Farrah defend her 'sex tape', watch Liz mentally destroy Jon and get a look at an argument between Sada and Whitney.

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