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90 Day Fiance: Episode 2 - 1/19/14

90 Day Fiance is back, and we're ready for the drama...especially from Paola, who's forced to live with her in-laws...which she wasn't exactly expecting.

Paola saw her fiance Russ' room for the first time, and it wasn't as mature as she expected for a man his age. He told Paola that girls were never allowed in his room and she was the first. Then he dropped the real bomb (aside from the in-law thing in the first place) - for the next three months, until they're married, Paola will have to sleep in Russ' brother's old room. Needless to say, Paola was less than thrilled.

Russ set up a meeting between Paola and his friends. He worried because he said in Latin culture, things are a bit more risque than in Oklahoma. Paola seemed to have fun, although she drank a lot because she was nervous. And Russ' friends didn't seem to appreciate Paola's love of drinking because of cultural differences.

Russ took Paola to buy cowboy boots so she can fit in better with the style the girls in Oklahoma wear, even though their style doesn't match hers. She ended up choosing a pink pair that were very nice, but above Russ' intended price range. She then tried on an entire outfit. Mike said she'd end up emptying his wallet, but he bought it anyway.

Russ took Paola line dancing, which is not like the dancing Paola did at home, which is based on feeling the music. Line dancing was much more structured than what Paola was used to.

Russ said not staying with Paola is tough but he wants to respect his parents' wishes. Paola snuck into his room wanting to spend time together but Russ seemed hesitant because of the rules. At least he said that they should get their own place.

We met Louis next. At 33 years old, he's been married before. He and his ex-wife share custody of their two boys - Louis, 10, and Donovan, 7. Louis (the dad) had seen an ad for a free dating site, on which he found Aya's profile. She's from the Philippines, and the pair began chatting in 2012. They've only spent two weeks physically together. Louis is adamant that Aya's not a mail order bride - there was no broker. They met through a dating site, on their own, on their own free will.

Louis asked his kids if anyone at school said anything about Aya, and they said they hadn't really talked about it. Louis explained that the kids should just tell people that their dad is getting married to someone he loves, and they shouldn't be afraid to say that she's from the Philippines. He also asked them if they knew what mail order brides were, which is fine but maybe not an idea to put in their minds, especially because that's not what their potential stepmother is.

Louis dropped his kids off with his ex-wife, Tanya. Louis noted that Tanya would be a big part of his and Aya's life because she's the mother of his kids. They discussed Aya coming over to the US. Tanya asked why Aya wants to leave the Philippines so badly, and Louis said she doesn't want to leave. He said he would have moved to the Philippines if he didn't have his kids. Tanya asked if Aya is a mail order bride. Mike said no, as he thinks that a mail order brides have marriage brokers and other things. Tanya was concerned because Louis got defensive when asked about the mail order bride thing. Tanya made it clear that she's not comfortable with the boys being around Aya just yet, and Mike said that if Aya doesn't get along with the boys, he won't marry her.

Louis went to meet Aya. Louis believes that there's one person for everyone, and that Aya is the person for him. Aya seems very reasonable - she admitted that she'll miss her family, but coming to the US is the right choice because of Louis' kids.

Alan and Kirlyam walked through their house and got Kirlyam acclimated to things like water heaters and the American words for things. They labeled items in the house like cups and bowls. The pair went food shopping and Kirlyam saw foods that she'd never seen before, like jarred tomato sauce and canned beans. They went to the self checkout line and Kirlyam didn't want to try scanning items by herself.

Kirlyam discussed the plan for her and Alan to stay chaste until their wedding. Because of the temptation, Kirlyam ended up moving in with Alan's parents. Kirlyam was concerned because she doesn't really know Alan's parents. Fortunately, his parents are supportive and seemed very welcoming to Kirlyam.

Alan's parents went to work, and Kirlyam was left alone, which is something she's not used to. In her home, there was always someone around. Kirlyam got emotional about missing her family. Kirlyam talked about how much she loves Alan, but she' having a hard time with out her family around.

Mike and Aziza headed to Mike's hometown in Cleveland after their visit to New York City. Mike worried about how Aziza would like his home, although it didn't seem as if he had to worry - she enjoyed meeting the dog and loved the basket Mike's mom left as a gift for her. The pair discussed how they hadn't been intimate yet because they'd only been physically together for 13 days, and in 'traditional' relationships, they don't feel that sex should happen that quickly.

Aziza went to meet Mike' family. They'd prepared hamburgers and things, and Aziza kindly rejected the offer and told them not to worry about her. She actually didn't eat at all. Mike said in the confessional that Aziza doesn't like people to see her eat. He's allowed to see her eat, but others aren't. He called it a phobia...but it seems kind of like an eating disorder. Mike's mom seemed offended that Aziza wasn't eating, and noted that it didn't seem appropriate. Aziza, in the confessional, said it's something that she can't control. Again, sounds like an eating disorder, because socially, Aziza not eating is a big faux pas.

Side note: Some people are speculating that Russ is gay. While I didn't immediately think that, there are some signs - Russ not fighting to share a room with Paola, not trying to spend time away from Russ' parents, and Russ being hesitant to break the rules and spend the night with Paola. That being said, I'm not willing to jump to conclusions because Paola seems to really like Russ...otherwise she wouldn't be staying with his parents and dealing with all of that madness!

One theory I read reflects that people think that Russ is from a religious family so this is his way of proving that he's not gay, and he's made some kind of deal with Paola.

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