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90 Day Fiancee: 1/26/14

The show opened up with Paola talking about how she doesn't have privacy in Russ' parents' house. Paola went down for breakfast in skimpy pajamas, and the family was too conservative for that. The family had bacon, which Paola refused to eat. Russ' mom talked about how the wife has to learn to cook like her husband's mother, which was said nicely but seemed to at least be a bit of a dig at Paola for not being a traditional American girl.

Russ and Paola went to look at apartments because neither of them were happy about having separate bedrooms at Russ' parents house. They looked at a great place, but Russ expressed concern about the cost, even before they knew what it was. The apartment Paola loved was $1,100 a month, and Russ gave in and they took it.

The pair moved into the apartment. (I noticed that it was completely furnished, which kind of made this look fake - it looked like they were staying in a hotel. And from what I understand, furnished apartments cost way more than $1,100 per month...especially a place that has a pool and a hot tub.)

Alan took Kirlyam to a salon to get her hair done as a pre-wedding trial. This was the first time she'd been to a salon like that. After her makeover, Kirlyam's hairdresser and makeup artist told her she could be a model, and gave her the info for her friend who's an agent. (Okay, we all know reality shows aren't real, but this is pretty much as staged as it can get, especially given Alan's jealousy.) Alan said they could at least call the agent, although he was concerned about people trying to get Kirlyam caught up in that lifestyle.

Alan took pictures of Kirlyam to send to the modeling agency. Alan admitted that he wasn't fully comfortable with it, but nothing was guaranteed yet.

Mike and Aziza were settling in, but their sex life was still at a standstill. Aziza said she wanted to wait until after the wedding, but Mike said they'd discussed having sex sooner. Aziza told the confessional that she doesn't feel ready to have sex. She made a comment to Mike about not wanting kids yet, and Mike suggested birth control. Aziza was concerned about how it would affect her.

The pair visited a place called J-Bella to check it out as a possible wedding venue. They planned to have between 40 and 50 people at their wedding, and Aziza worried about J-Bella being so small and not fancy enough for her. Mike ordered food for them to try, and Aziza wouldn't try it...and she said she didn't want pasta at the wedding. Mike explained that pasta is pretty standard for wedding buffets, but she wasn't having it.

Mike met with his dad, who noted that Mike's sister is worried about the relationship. Mike said that if Aziza was targeting someone to use, it shouldn't be him because he doesn't have a lot of money. Mike's dad asked how long Aziza had been planning to come to America, noting that she speaks English really well. Mike maintained the fact that he and Aziza want to be together, and she's smart, which is how she was able to learn the language. (Flash back to the fact that Aziza had recently been denied for a work visa. Just saying.)

In a totally not staged looking situation (sarcasm), Mike asked Aziza to meet him at a bar. Coincidentally, he was talking to two women outside when she arrived. Aziza told the confessional that she was jealous, but outwardly, she didn't seem to care. (Also, how was Aziza meeting Mike at this bar with no transportation? Looks a little sketchy to me.) Because of this, Aziza decided she needed to show Mike that she loved him...and then the show implied that the two had sex. You know, in the kind of scene where they pull a blanket over their heads, and the next camera scene shows a closed door with lights turning off beneath it.

Louis and Aya went to Louis' home in Indianapolis. Apparently, Mike told Aya he'd clean the house before she arrived, but he didn't - there were still dishes in the sink. Mike, contrary to Aya's expectations, thought he did clean the house. Aya thought Louis could have made the house a little nicer for her. (He really could have - let's be real here.)

Louis and Aya had dinner with Tonya (Louis' ex-wife) and her husband. Aya wasn't concerned with Tanya liking her, but she wanted her to be comfortable with Tonya and Louis' kids spending time with Louis and Aya. Things got tense when Tonya talked about people in the Philippines having a history of spanking kids and Aya took offense to that. Things got weirder when Tonya brought up the subject of Aya being on birth control and how she and Louis had discussed Louis not having any more kids.

Tanya dropped off Louis' kids with Louis and Tonya. Aya greeted the kids with a big hug, which Tanya thought was over the top. Aya, fortunately, seemed to have fun with the boys even though they were rowdy. The kids noted that their dad didn't have a lot of rules, and I have a feeling Aya will be changing that shortly.

And with that, the episode ended. Want to read about last week's episode of 90 Day Fiance? Click here.

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Anonymous said...

Tonya is a very controlling person. I couldnt hepl but notice, she did all the talking while her ex husband and current husband barely said a word. And it is very selfish of her to speak out about Aya having any children. Who is she to decide what kind of family Louise & Aya will have? I was suprised to see she wasnt at the wedding. She was probably parked out in the lot! Aya is smart enough to know this woman will constantly be in her business for many years to come. And it doesnt seem like Louis speaks up much. If Aya is able to deal with this situation, more power to her.