Sunday, January 12, 2014

90 Day Fiance: The Premiere

90 Day Fiance brings us the stories of those who have 90 days with their significant others from overseas. At the end of 90 days, they have to get married, or the fiancee has to return to her native country.

First we met Alan, 29, who is from LA and is Mormon. He'd been engaged to his Brazilian fiancee for a year. He was getting ready to fly over to get his fiancee and bring her to the states. Kirlyam, 21, and Alan met when Alan was traveling in Brazil on his mission. The most time they've spent together at one time is two weeks.

Kirlyam is from a farming town that doesn't have running water and hasn't traveled - she'd only been to neighboring towns.

Alan took Kirlyam to the Hollywood Walk of Fame because she loves movies. She was incredibly excited to see Johnny Depp's star because she's a huge fan. It became clear that Alan has some jealousy issues - he was concerned that his girlfriend would be scouted for commercials and things as they walked through Los Angeles.

We met Alan's friend Kent who will be chaperoning the relationship. This is in line with Alan's Mormon faith. Alan will sleep on the couch, Kent will sleep on the floor (on what looked like an air mattress) and Kirlyam will have the bed. This was to avoid temptation.

Mike, 31, and Aziza, 20,were the next pair. Mike is from Cleveland. He says he doesn't have many places to meet women that he's compatible with. His fiancee is from Russia. The pair met on a website where people are paired up based on wanting to learn each others' languages. It wasn't a dating site, but the pair ended up together because of it. The pair spent 6 days together in Russia, but that was the extent of it. Mike noted that Aziza doesn't have much money, so Mike spent his own money (including refinancing his house!) to get Aziza over to the states. He says it's worth it, even if it doesn't work out, because he had to try.

Mike hung out with his friends, who were skeptical of Aziza due to her beauty and the age difference between her and Mike. One of the reasons for the friends' skepticism is that Aziza had applied for a work visa earlier in the year but was denied. The friends also noted that 90 days is not enough time to truly get to know someone. Mike defended himself by saying he'd be a fool for not at least trying, so he hopes it works out.

Mike flew to New York City so that could be the first place Aziza sees when she arrived. He noted that the pair hasn't consummated their relationship.

Aziza stated that the hard times she experienced when her work visa was denied is what brought her and Mike together romantically. He helped her through the hard time, and that made her fall for him.

Mike noted that he bought a round trip ticket for Aziza back to Russia, should she want to go home. Which is very noble, but but not a great use of money. Although Mike says he doesn't care about money, so I guess it works!

Russ, 27, and Paola, 26, were third. Russ, from Oklahoma, had the opportunity to travel to Colombia for work, which is where he met his fiancee. Russ lives with his parents, and Paola will be joining him in his family's home. Russ said he loves Paola but he's not sure how he can make it work. He noted that Paola's concerned about moving to the United States because she's never been to the country.

Paola arrived with lots of bags, as if she planned to stay a long time. However, she seemed to be a realist and said that 90 days is not enough, presumably to get to know someone well enough to marry them.

Russ booked a hotel room for the first night with Paola. This was good, because in a confessional scene, Paola said she didn't want to live with Russ' parents.

Russ took Paola to meet his parents and his brother. Paola seemed excited and nervous about meeting his parents, which was nice because it showed that she was concerned about their opinion of her.

The first difference between Paola and the family came up when the family said a prayer before dinner. In the confessional, Paola noted that she believes in God but doesn't like going to church. She also noted that she felt tension in the room, so she decided to talk. Paola asked how the family felt about her being their, and the answers didn't seem to be very supportive.

Russ' mom served the family's favorite pie and said that Paola will have to learn how to make it. Paola made a face that looked less than happy. She did note, though, that she doesn't want his parents to hate her. After they left for the hotel, Paola expressed again that she doesn't want to live with Russ' parents. And honestly, who can blame her? She needs her personal space!

We got a preview of the season at the end of the episode, and it looks like there will be a lot of uncertainty in the relationships. There will be tears over family in the women's home countries being missed, concerns about one of the women going into modeling, and tension amongst families. This should definitely be an interesting show!


Anonymous said...

Where's the snark? You just summarized the show.

Less Than Reality said...

To be fair, the tagline is a touch of snark, and this post happened to get left out of the snarkiness.

In any case, here's some snark:

- There seems to be lots of buzz around Russ being gay and having some kind of arrangement with Paola. Their whole storyline is looking ridiculous at this point - they move into a fully furnished apartment, complete with bedspread that has a pool that looks suspiciously like a expect me to believe that?

And then there's the whole Kirlyam comes to the US and oh-my-goodness - her hairdresser magically knows how to make her a model. Coincidences like that totally happen every day in real life! And what's up with saying she didn't have running water in her hometown? That's been disproven by posters elsewhere, but that aside - no running water, but she has Skype and internet access? Last I checked, water came to an area before high speed internet.

Oh, and Aziza's story - the girl didn't get a work visa, and then she meets a guy. She moves to the US but refuses to have sex with him. If she was religious (following the Alan / Kirlyam storyline) I might buy it, but from her it comes off looking a little scammy.

I have to say - Tonya - Louis' ex, is awesome. She's got a strong personality and she really rocks it. And she's got some snark to her - when Aya hugged her kids for the first time, she said it was over the top. And she wasn't above telling Louis she thought that he was getting a mail order bride.