Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sister Wives - 12/29/13 - "I Kiss Better Then I Cook" (Misspelled intentionally)

Sister Wives is back! The Brown clan is living in the cul de sac and rebuilding their life as a whole family...and they're calling it the plyg-de-sac.

The family discussed how they thought the new homes would be like fairy dust and fix everything, which it didn't for the adults - they still feel as if they're leading separate lives. However, Kody likes that he can run house-to-house without breaking a sweat.

The family had to discuss their financial matters, including college tuition. Primarily, the fact that Mariah's tuition will be high going to Westminster College. Kody said that he doesn't support student loans. (Which is awesome except they have like, a million kids to send to school.)

The topic of who has cars came up. Aspyn and Logan have cars, but Mariah doesn't, and Meri doesn't want her to go without a car in Utah. So, more expenses for Mariah.

Things got touchy in the conversation when the family discussed who is responsible for paying for what and how Meri's going to be an empty nester.

Mariah was called in for the discussion. Robyn immediately tried to ask her if she'd consider going somewhere besides Westminster, even though she's clearly said it's all she wants. When Meri pressed about why Mariah wants to go to Utah, Mariah got emotional, stating that she wants to be in a place where there are like minded people - like those who want sister wives. She feels that she's unable to move forward with that lifestyle in Las Vegas. Which is valid.

The family pledged to help Meri get to Westminster and make it so Mariah doesn't need to stress about it.

Next up was Mother's Day. For this holiday, all four mothers in law and Kody's own mother were visiting.
- Meri's mom Bonnie was there. The women reminisced about how they'd have Bonnie talk to Kody if they wanted something from him.
- MIL Sheryl (Janelle's mom), also in attendance, is married to Kody's dad.
- Christine's mom Annie was also present.
- Robyn's mom Alice joined too, and because of a remarriage situation, she's been both a first and second wife. 
- Genielle is Kody's mom. She has 10 biological children.

Kody noted that he likes and dislikes some of his mothers in law, but wouldn't say which he likes and dislikes, which is a very smart idea. Although saying he dislikes one or more of them probably wasn't smart to begin with.

Kody took the MILs (and his mom) shopping for gifts for their daughters. The moms were not shy about their opinions. Kody talked about buying a sign for Janelle that says, "I kiss better than I cook". Sheryl was not amused by it, even after Kody's explanation that Janelle can cook but she can also kiss. He kept saying things like "she can kiss good" which made the grammar lover in me go a bit crazy. The concept seemed to make Sheryl quite uncomfortable.

Bonnie said she loves Kody, although she admits he makes stupid mistakes.

Kody's mom made a point that he should choose equitable presents for each wife. He said he shouldn't have to be concerned about what the other wives think when he buys a present for each wife.

Kody talked to the moms about the family's mission statement and current issues since they've moved closer to each other. He talked about how the family isn't as close as he'd like them to be. Kody addressed the discussion from their therapy retreat that the wives wouldn't stay a family if he wasn't there. The MILs seemed to be pretty positive about the situation - they seemed to think things would work out now that everyone lives near each other. One MIL noted that now they're a united family, and she'd heard an older child say that she was happy with the new situation because the younger kids will have the same situation they did - having their siblings all together.

To celebrate Mother's Day, Kody decided to gather the kids and make breakfast for all the mothers. Kody seemed very overwhelmed. He wanted to set up a buffet for the moms, but a blown fuse got in the way. While Kody and the kids cooked, the moms and MILs hung out. In the end, it all worked out, and Kody gave an emotional speech before anyone could eat.

The wives, in the confessional after breakfast, seemed to actually be on the same  for once- they realized they have to laugh at Kody's antics. It was nice to see them united.

The wives asked the MILs for advice on being a sister wife. The advice included realizing that everyone is an individual and contributes something to the relationship. Kody's mom talked about her experiences with jealousy and understanding that change has to come from you, not expecting someone else to change. She also said you have to accept everyone for who they are and need to love unconditionally. There was more talk about broken marriage, trust, long term commitments, etc. To close out the episode, Kody said that he hopes the commitment ceremony he's planning helps to bring the family together to be the family he wants it to be.

Update: Thanks to those who commented to note that the "I kiss better than I cook" sign actually said "I kiss better then I cook." So, as was pointed out, it technically says that Janelle kisses better (than the other wives or whoever else) and then she cooks. This reminds me of the time I saw a shirt that said "It takes a women". Are companies really not hiring proofreaders for this stuff?


Anonymous said...

The grammar lover in you should also love the fact that the sign said, "I kiss better THEN I cook." Obviously should read "than." So the correct interpretation of the sign is not that Janelle's kissing is great or her cooking leaves much to be desired -- it's that she kisses better (presumably than the other wives) and for some reason the kissing inspires her to immediately go into the kitchen and cook something.

Anonymous said...

I was so annoyed by that grammar mistake! I googled it to see if anyone had noticed, but all the reviews write it as "than". So, thank you anon!