Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kim Kardashian Wants Two More Kids With Kanye

Kim Kardashian revealed that she wants two more kids with Kanye West. Which is fine and all, but once you name a kid North, what do you name the rest?

Here are my guesses:

The typical ones: South and East. Although this leads to a problem if she has South and then gets pregnant with twins. Then what...West West?

Some kind of action: Walk West. Go West. Run West. Drive West. If it's in this category, though, my guess is on March. March West. It sounds like their kind of thing.

The same first letter trend. The Kardashian girls are all K names, so why wouldn't Kim continue the tradition with N names? If they go this route, I vote for Nifty or Nonpariel...but I somehow doubt even they would choose those names. How about just the name Name? They could call her Nami for a nickname, like Nori...I guess.

If they decide on only two kids, I vote for Thorn as the second baby. It's like North but with the letters mixed up. Although that'll hardly give kid 2 his or her own identity.

What do you think Kim and Kanye would name babies two and three?

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