Thursday, November 28, 2013

Some Fame-Seeking Relationships Seek More Fame (Michaele Salahi / Neal Schon and Ben Flajnik / Kris Jenner)

First and foremost, remember Michaele Salahi of Real Housewives of DC fame? You know how you haven't thought about her in, like, forever? Well, she seeks to change that, and make you pay for it.

Michaele Salahi and Journey's Neal Schon planned to marry on regular TV after being approached by some networks, but then they realized they could do everything on their own and not relinquish creative control, and all it'll cost you to watch it is $14.95.

To me, it sounds like no network pay what the pair wanted for the event (which will have hosts, for goodness sake), so the pair looked outwards to take in the cash they think they deserve.

Good luck to them, I guess...but I hardly think people will be lining up to stream the video of their marriage, as neither Michaele or Neal seem to be fan favorites at this time.

On another topic of publicity studded relationships, Ben Flajnik and Kris Jenner sources are saying the pair is hooking up. Ben's 31 and Kris is this Ben's way of getting around that most of the younger Kardashians are taken? Seriously, though, I don't believe this for a second. Well, maybe. But it reeks of publicity stunt to me. Kris is probably taking on the role of managing Ben or something, and this is an incredible way to catapult his name into the spotlight. And if Kris knows anything, it's how to make people famous without doing anything.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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