Sunday, November 24, 2013

Breaking the Faith: It Doesn't Look Like It's Real, But That Doesn't Mean It Can't Be Good

Remember how people were mad when they found out Breaking Amish on TLC wasn't real? It looks like the network wasn't so concerned this time when it came to pretending that the show's new counterpart, Breaking the Faith, isn't real.

Like Breaking Amish, Breaking the Faith is about leaving a community, only this time it's about leaving the FLDS community - Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Per Starcasm, Breaking Faith doesn't actually claim to be true reality. Sure, they did pull people for the show that were part of the FLDS community, but not necessarily ones who'd be experiencing non-FLDS life for the first time. Take Martha Barlow, for example, who left in 2011. She definitely was part of the church...but she experienced life outside of it before filming began. Like, for a while.

That aside, TLC doesn't claim this show is reality like it did with Breaking Amish - it claims that it tells a story, which, you know, it does.

Additionally, there's all kinds of tweets out there (thanks social media!) talking about how people are paid to be friends with the cast members on the show, and how people can get their 15 minutes of fame by attending a staged party.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not hating by any means. I would say 99% of reality shows - if not all - are staged in some way. Regular life just isn't that interesting, and the realities of film crews and fame skew 'reality' anyway. So if making this show less than reality makes it more fun to watch, I'm all in.

Update: I liked Breaking the Faith. It's done in a documentary style with spooky elements, almost like a horror movie. It showed the impacts / crimes of Warren Jeffs and how members of his church are affected by them. It did not paint a pretty picture of the religion by any means, so if you're looking for anything warm and fuzzy from the first episode, you're not going to find it. That being said, I believe the majority of stories on the show are real (and of course the news elements are) but we're just hearing about the participants leaving the group after this truly happened, and their initial stories should be considered more of a recap, with their upcoming stories a twist on their current lifestyles.

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