Thursday, November 7, 2013

Amber Portwood: Out of Jail and Filming Already...And People Sure Are Critical

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom fame made a tough decision to go to jail, despite having a young daughter, rather than opting for rehab. That's right - she chose jail as the best option. Now she's out, and people are already critical of a decision she's made.

Around the internet, people are criticizing Amber Portwood's decision to be filmed by MTV cameras immediately following her release from jail. A main criticism seems to be that she should get herself on track before subjecting herself to the negativity of the limelight. And while I see the validity of this, I also understand Amber's need for money....and to show the world that she's on the right track.

Amber wants shared custody of daughter Leah. And that's going to take two key things: money (for lawyers, to prove she can take her daughter, etc.) and proof that she can be a good mom. And what better way to prove that she's got herself together than to catch it on camera? I don't think we'll see the problem-plagued Amber that we saw on Teen Mom. I think we're going to now see a mature Amber turning her life around.

Secondly, people are criticizing MTV for being willing to film Amber after her release. While I hardly think it's ethical, I do think MTV is a corporation that's out to make money, not a company that's out to promote ethical behavior. I mean, this channel airs Scrubbing In, which portrays nurses is a terrible way, and continues to glamorize teen pregnancy with a zillion seasons of 16 and Pregnant. (Teen pregnancy will make you famous, kids!) That and I wouldn't doubt that Amber approached MTV, and who are they to turn down an offer that'll get them lots of views and advertising revenue? In the world of reality TV, it's all about money over morality. And MTV wins at that game.

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