Thursday, November 28, 2013

Some Fame-Seeking Relationships Seek More Fame (Michaele Salahi / Neal Schon and Ben Flajnik / Kris Jenner)

First and foremost, remember Michaele Salahi of Real Housewives of DC fame? You know how you haven't thought about her in, like, forever? Well, she seeks to change that, and make you pay for it.

Michaele Salahi and Journey's Neal Schon planned to marry on regular TV after being approached by some networks, but then they realized they could do everything on their own and not relinquish creative control, and all it'll cost you to watch it is $14.95.

To me, it sounds like no network pay what the pair wanted for the event (which will have hosts, for goodness sake), so the pair looked outwards to take in the cash they think they deserve.

Good luck to them, I guess...but I hardly think people will be lining up to stream the video of their marriage, as neither Michaele or Neal seem to be fan favorites at this time.

On another topic of publicity studded relationships, Ben Flajnik and Kris Jenner sources are saying the pair is hooking up. Ben's 31 and Kris is this Ben's way of getting around that most of the younger Kardashians are taken? Seriously, though, I don't believe this for a second. Well, maybe. But it reeks of publicity stunt to me. Kris is probably taking on the role of managing Ben or something, and this is an incredible way to catapult his name into the spotlight. And if Kris knows anything, it's how to make people famous without doing anything.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Breaking the Faith: It Doesn't Look Like It's Real, But That Doesn't Mean It Can't Be Good

Remember how people were mad when they found out Breaking Amish on TLC wasn't real? It looks like the network wasn't so concerned this time when it came to pretending that the show's new counterpart, Breaking the Faith, isn't real.

Like Breaking Amish, Breaking the Faith is about leaving a community, only this time it's about leaving the FLDS community - Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Per Starcasm, Breaking Faith doesn't actually claim to be true reality. Sure, they did pull people for the show that were part of the FLDS community, but not necessarily ones who'd be experiencing non-FLDS life for the first time. Take Martha Barlow, for example, who left in 2011. She definitely was part of the church...but she experienced life outside of it before filming began. Like, for a while.

That aside, TLC doesn't claim this show is reality like it did with Breaking Amish - it claims that it tells a story, which, you know, it does.

Additionally, there's all kinds of tweets out there (thanks social media!) talking about how people are paid to be friends with the cast members on the show, and how people can get their 15 minutes of fame by attending a staged party.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not hating by any means. I would say 99% of reality shows - if not all - are staged in some way. Regular life just isn't that interesting, and the realities of film crews and fame skew 'reality' anyway. So if making this show less than reality makes it more fun to watch, I'm all in.

Update: I liked Breaking the Faith. It's done in a documentary style with spooky elements, almost like a horror movie. It showed the impacts / crimes of Warren Jeffs and how members of his church are affected by them. It did not paint a pretty picture of the religion by any means, so if you're looking for anything warm and fuzzy from the first episode, you're not going to find it. That being said, I believe the majority of stories on the show are real (and of course the news elements are) but we're just hearing about the participants leaving the group after this truly happened, and their initial stories should be considered more of a recap, with their upcoming stories a twist on their current lifestyles.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New season of Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off announced

If you've seen the past two seasons of Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, you'll definitely won't want to miss the third season that launches early in the new year, Monday, January 6th at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network.

This season of the Celebrity Cook-Off comes with new judges, new celebrities, new challenges. The eight celebrities have been divided into two teams, Team Guy and Team Rachael. Each episodes the celebrities will be competing against each other using their various talents, such as cooking skills, marketing skills and performing skills. My humble guess would be that the winning team will be Team Rachael, or would anyone dare to differ? My reason for that is simple, there are two of my favorites comedians, more specifically Judy Gold and Penn Jillette. So I will definitely be keeping my thumbs up for Team Rachel. But then again, Team Guy comes with names such as Vanilla Ice and Herschel Walker, so who knows. You can find the full celebrity list from the interactive media player below, but you can be sure it's going to be fun watching experience.

"As I’ve said since season one of this show, it is both the most nerve-racking and the most exciting project I’ve ever been a part of, and this season is no relief," said Rachael Ray. "It is intense – intense fun and intense stress – in each and every episode as all of these celebrities play with knives and fire all for the sake of the charities that they love."

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scrubbing In: It's Changing!

Scrubbing In seemed to rub people the wrong way...and I don't blame those who were upset by it. It painted a very negative picture of some very amazing people - nurses. And MTV, while they do lots of controversial stuff and stick by it, decided to make things a little more right and change the show.

Website The Truth About Nursing, and other organizations, showed their concern about the show, and fortunately, their words worked. Per the website:

After these collective efforts, MTV reached out to The Truth About Nursing to engage in extensive discussions about how to ameliorate the situation. MTV has agreed to take several helpful steps, including airing the show at a less prominent time, some re-editing of episodes, and other efforts to convey accurate information about nursing, although the last six episodes will air.

This is awesome! By no means did I expect MTV to pull the show off the air (they paid to film it, after all), but I was hoping that they'd show some positive aspects about nursing professionals, rather than just portraying party-filled lifestyles.

This is great news! Hopefully the show will play out and that'll be the last we hear of it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Farrah Abraham to Go On VH1's Couples Therapy...By Herself

Remember how Farrah Abraham tried to get a fake boyfriend to go on VH1's Couples Therapy? It turns out she didn't have to this time...she's going by herself.

That's right. So along with couples, Farrah will be working on her herself. While I fully support Farrah being in therapy (girl needs some healthy self esteem), I hardly doubt her intentions are clean. And I'm surprised that VH1 and Dr. Jenn Berman let Farrah join in by herself. The press release on seems to indicate that half of a couple didn't show up...and I'd bet that's because Farrah's other half didn't actually exist, primarily because she used someone to get herself a spot on the show.

Per VH1, Farrah will be joined on Couples Therapy by Taylor Armstrong & John Bluher, Jon Gosselin & Liz Janetta, Ghostface Killah & Kelsey Nykole and Whitney Mixter & Sada Bettencourt.

If you're not aware, Taylor Armstrong joins us from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Jon Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8, Ghostface Killah of music fame, and Whitney and Sada from The Real L Word. Farrah's from Teen Mom.

Here's my question - when couples do their relationship building activities, what will Farrah be doing? Will her mom make an appearance so they can work on their issues? Will Farrah bring daughter Sophia on TV? It'll be interesting, I'm sure, but probably not in a good way.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dourtney's Over: Courtney Stodden, With A Bit of Fame in Hand, Separates from Doug Hutchison

Courtney Stodden, now aged 19, and Doug Hutchison are going to be legally separated. But don't worry, they'll remain in the same house (in separate bedrooms), co-parent the dog and Doug will still manage Courtney's career.

I'm single, come and get me!
Courtney realized she needed space from her 50-something man when she enjoyed her time on the UK's version of Celebrity Big Brother.

While Doug is likely heartbroken, I feel like Courtney got everything she wanted and needed from this relationship and is ready to move on. That, and she's going to be 19 and divorced, while many people won't see their first marriage for at least a few years after their 19th birthdays. Having the chance to grow on her own might be a good thing for her. Maybe she'll learn something about loving yourself for who you are, not for your fame or plastic surgeries. Or maybe she wants to be a REALLY big star and just realized that Doug is holding her back. (Courtney Stodden dating show, anyone?)

Whatever the reasons behind their split, we wish Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden the best, and hope they find what they're looking for...whether it be a relationship with someone in their own age ranges or the fame that just wasn't happening when they were a couple.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Amber Portwood: Out of Jail and Filming Already...And People Sure Are Critical

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom fame made a tough decision to go to jail, despite having a young daughter, rather than opting for rehab. That's right - she chose jail as the best option. Now she's out, and people are already critical of a decision she's made.

Around the internet, people are criticizing Amber Portwood's decision to be filmed by MTV cameras immediately following her release from jail. A main criticism seems to be that she should get herself on track before subjecting herself to the negativity of the limelight. And while I see the validity of this, I also understand Amber's need for money....and to show the world that she's on the right track.

Amber wants shared custody of daughter Leah. And that's going to take two key things: money (for lawyers, to prove she can take her daughter, etc.) and proof that she can be a good mom. And what better way to prove that she's got herself together than to catch it on camera? I don't think we'll see the problem-plagued Amber that we saw on Teen Mom. I think we're going to now see a mature Amber turning her life around.

Secondly, people are criticizing MTV for being willing to film Amber after her release. While I hardly think it's ethical, I do think MTV is a corporation that's out to make money, not a company that's out to promote ethical behavior. I mean, this channel airs Scrubbing In, which portrays nurses is a terrible way, and continues to glamorize teen pregnancy with a zillion seasons of 16 and Pregnant. (Teen pregnancy will make you famous, kids!) That and I wouldn't doubt that Amber approached MTV, and who are they to turn down an offer that'll get them lots of views and advertising revenue? In the world of reality TV, it's all about money over morality. And MTV wins at that game.