Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tori Spelling Really Wants to Keep Her Name in the Spotlight

There's no reason to read Tori Spelling's new book at this point because Us Weekly is doing great at giving us all of the details. Which is fine by me because I had (and still have) zero intentions of reading it.

Anyway, Us Weekly spilled some more details from Tori Spelling's latest memoir, in which she admits that she didn't eat healthy to lose the baby weight after having baby Finn...she just didn't eat. And her publicist told her to say that she dieted in a healthy way because her fans wouldn't be into supporting someone's anorexia. Understandably!

Anyway, it looks like all bets are off now that Tori's looking for cash in any way she can get. It recently hit the news that she and hubby Dean McDermott can't afford to get him a vasectomy...then they can...then it's a maybe. So whatever the truth is, their monetary struggle isn't a secret. So Tori's willing to spill every secret in order to keep her name in the spotlight and money in her pocket.

Hopefully things will get better for Tori soon because this flip flopping and monetary madness isn't looking great for her - they're about as appealing as learning that a celebrity tried the anorexia diet and it worked. Awesome. (Sarcasm.)

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