Friday, October 25, 2013

Scrubbing In: Can't Even Watch It

I tried watching MTV's new show Scrubbing In and I couldn't even do it. Like, I watched part of the episode and then gave up. There are a few reasons for this:

- I realize reality shows are fake, but because I understand some aspects of travel nursing, the fakeness level is evident to me. For example, you have to apply for travel nursing jobs and get placed. They aren't going to just pick you and your whole group of best friends and take you all together.

- Per my friend who works as a travel nurse, they wouldn't just take a bunch of young, new travel nurses (not to mention that you need to do some time before you even qualify to travel) and put them in a house together. The experiences my friend had didn't even provide housing - they gave her a housing stipend.

- It seems unlikely that they'd let someone move to another state and start a nursing job without his or her license for that state. Those checks and balances are taken care of before someone begins to travel.

- The drama is over the top. The episode practically opened by announcing that hospitals are crazy and doctors and nurses are doing each other all over the place. While this isn't necessarily untrue, it's painting a pretty bad picture of people who do a lot of work to save people in need.

- The sequencing is disjointed and hard to follow, and the most notable thing to me is that most of the women (with the exception of one person in flats) were wearing really tall heels.

I will not be watching this show. It's not painting a pretty picture of some of the strongest people in this country.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, cancel it.