Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pauly D is a D-A-D

Pauly DelVecchio is the father to a little girl, and he's got pretty much no relationship with the mom. Apparently the pair had a one night stand that led to a child. Fortunately, Pauly's happy with the outcome and is ready to be a dad.

He plans to build a relationship with his child's mom, which is cool...and probably a good thing because he'll be co-parenting with the woman who's practically a stranger to him.

I'll give the mom of this child a lot of credit - this seemed to just become news after the paternity test was completed and the court papers for paternity filed. She could have cashed in a few months back at her child's expense, but she didn't - she kept her child out of the spotlight. And she's continuing to do so - it seems that her name and the child's aren't common knowledge.

We wish Pauly D all the best with his new instant family and hope he and his baby's mother are able to build a strong relationship.

Update: Turns out the pair actually hates each other...the news broke after this was written. Pauly thinks his baby mama, Amanda, is a famewhore who tried for Rob Kardashian before going for Pauly. And she's a single mom to two kids. Plus, she named the baby Amabella (what?) and posted a pic of the baby with money all around her. This is going to get messy!!!

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